Will It Blend

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Will It Blend
Text: Luke 12:33-34
Occasion: General
Audience: Children
Theological Tradition: Wesleyan
Topic: Materialism
Author: Trevor Robinson


Can we, as Christians, buy into the cultural idea of materialism?

How to Get There

  1. I took a blender to church and spoke to the kids about all the things that most kids really care about; toys and candy. After putting a few plastic legos, army men, checkers pieces, and a few cookies into the blender I asked them, "Will it blend?" Then I blended it all up!
  2. Told a story about how I had just found this 46" LCD HDTV on sale and was really excited about it! But then my wife asked me, "Do we really need it? We already have a perfectly fine TV. Is that what you really want to spend your money on?" Then expounded on my dilemma and how I was torn between using my money for the things that I wanted, like the TV, and the things that I know that God wants me to use it for.
  3. We then, as always, looked to the Bible for some answers. This is where we hit Proverbs, lots of stuff in there on money and using it wisely, Luke 12:33-34, and Luke 12:16-21. I emphasized that money is not an evil thing. What God cares about it how you spend it and where your heart is.
  4. I closed by challenging the kids to continue to bring their offering for the little girl that we, as a Children's Department, sponsor in Kenya and look for ways that they are their parents can use some of their resources to help people that could use their help.

Things to Watch For

  1. Make sure that you don't equate money with sin or evil.
  2. Do your best to keep from going to "Adult" with this one. As always, keep it simple enough for your oldest kids to grab it.

I used this right after the Christmas season and ran with the idea that most kids only care about what they got for Christmas. This worked well but could easily be used anytime of the year. - Slower speeds work best for blending random stuff up

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