What a Disciples Valued Most

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What a Disciples Valued Most
Text: Matthew 10:32-42
Occasion: General
Audience: General
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Self-Identity, Priorities
Author: Jeff Mammen


Our self-worth is found in how significant we are to Jesus and He is to us.

How to Get There

  • We are nourished by God to be a missional people, to be sent out to those who we are called to, just like the disciples.
  • But we have lots of fears about serving God, mainly fears about what others will think of us and how that will change our significance to them.
  • Who is most significant to you? We can tell by whose opinion do we value the most, whose affects us the most?
  • It is the opinion of our heavenly father who matter the most. That is where we find our significance, even if it is our own family that mocks us.
  • We base our worth on what significant people to us see us. If we admire someone and they think we're great, we have a good sense of self-worth. If someone that is important to us questions or mocks us, that destroys our sense of worth.
  • So the first thing we have to do is figure out how significant God is to us. God loves us and seeks us and thinks the highest of us.
  • If God is the most significant person in our lives, our own sense of self-worth comes naturally. That's how it should be.
  • Jesus is saying that if we are going to come under fire then we must know that the most significant person in the universe thinks the world of us.
  • That's how we can get strength to stand up under anything someone else says about us.
  • But if we don't proclaim God and make God significant in our lives, then God won't have our back either.
  • So how do we know God is the most significant person? We acknowledge Jesus before anyone else, just like we talk about anything else that is of high value to us. We brag on the people who are important to us, we talk about the things that matter to us.
  • If we're talking about Jesus, his significance to us flowing out in our conversation, Jesus will talk about us like that to God too. We will hear God supporting us as the mocking starts.
  • We can only have one supreme priority, and if God is that priority everything else shifts and drops in importance. That can create a lot of backlash, God understands that.
  • But our identity with God, when he is our priority, is stronger than whatever we lose from others.
  • Listen to God's voice of who you are when others are tearing you down.

Things to Watch For

Peter's denial of Jesus and his readmittance is a great example of this principle. There is always grace that offers us a second chance.

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