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The internet has more pages than anyone could ever view. There are literally tens of thousands of sites dedicated to Christian ideas. And while that is wonderful, none of us have the time or energy to find and examine them all. Many of them are heretical, others don't have much to offer pastors, or are low quality resources.

But among all of those, there are some real gems on almost every subject. These are the Christian websites that pastors use and have recommended. However, while pastors have vouched for these sites by putting them up, we as a site cannot claim to know all of them, nor do we say that "Help For Shepherds" agrees with any or all of these sites.

If you find a broken link please report it, mark it, or fix the link for us. And if we're missing your favorite site, please add it so that others can find it as well.

Web Link Categories

Biblical/Exegetical Aids - Sites that deal with commentaries, Bible versions, and exegetical techniques.

Children Specific Sites - Help with games, illustrations, activities, crafts, parents, developmental stages, messages and more.

Denominational Sites - Know what is going on in various denominations outside of your own spectrum of thought.

Online Journals/Magazines - There are a number of good Christian magazines and journals online.

Liturgy and History - Here you can find resources on Church history, early Christian writings, and traditional liturgy.

Music - This includes both worship music (ideas, uses, examples, lyrics) and popular Christian music.

Organizations - There are a number of helpful organizations and associations that can be of help to pastors. This can range from social services to counseling to new ideas, to sponsering church plants or youth services.

Sermon Helps - Anything that helps in preparing a message. This includes sermon illustration sites, message outlines, even complete messages.

Statistical Information - If you need to know more about what is going on in your city, your denomination, trends, facts, or statistics to help you better understand your ministry, look here.

Youth Ministry - Keeping up with our youth is a full time job, let alone teaching them anything, here are all the best sites we know of that help make it easier.

Videos and Media - Whether it's video clips, dramas, making videos yourself, or anything else here are some of the best sites dealing with video in ministry and other media (minus music).