Unwanted Blessings

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Unwanted Blessings
Text: Luke 1:46-48
Occasion: Christmas
Audience: Adults
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Blessings, Trials
Author: None Given


Having Jesus didn't seem like a blessing, but Mary rejoiced in faith.

How to Get There

  • God's blessings sometimes don't really seem like that at first.
  • Take Mary, she was an unwed mother in a day and age where she could be stoned for that.
    • Her family seem to have kicked her out, as she "left quickly" for Elizabeth's.
    • Her fiance wanted to dump her (which was the best case scenario).
    • She had no way or earning money other than begging and prostitution.
    • She would have been mocked and jeered at her entire life for this.
  • An angel appeared and it scared Mary. He was proposing something that could get her killed.
  • Even later she was walking for miles nine months pregnant (to Bethleham)
  • She gave birth either outside or in a barn, no family around her.
  • That doesn't seem like a blessing.
  • But Mary's response was a song of praise that all nations would call her blessed.
  • And all nations do call Mary blessed.She was blessed. She got to watch Jesus grow, she was the mother of Christ, the mother of God.
  • Sometimes we have to rejoice on faith, that God will bring a blessing from our pain.

Things to Watch For

  • There is a difference between saying that Mary's blessing was painful and saying that God planned her pain as well. Be careful about that.
  • Mary got her blessing because she persevered through. Pain does not equal blessing, but it can mask a blessing.
  • We have masked Mary's pain for so many years that it is hard to see sometimes. Telling it like a story an help to bring that back out and us to see the story anew.

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