Unstoppable Mission

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Unstoppable Mission
Text: Luke 15:16
Occasion: General
Audience: Adults
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Church, Mission
Author: Seud O'Nimmey


We have a mission as the Church. Everything we do needs to be about that mission.

How to Get There

  • Mission: Every church has the same mission because it is given by God. There are two parts to it.
    • We exist to help others discover a personal relationship with Christ.
    • Helping believers to become fully devoted disciples.
  • There are core values that keep us on track for the mission. Again, these are fairly universal. We are a community: worshipping God, Sharing Christ, Growing Spiritually, and Loving people.
  • But each church has a unique strategy for accomplishing God's mission. And it is God's strategy, not ours, God's idea that we follow.
    • Everyone has a job to do in this strategy.
    • It is a job that only we are supposed to do. Something we need to train for a work for.
    • How can we afford not to do what God asks?
    • When we understand our mission and God's strategy for us everything we do is with a purpose, to fulfill that mission.
  • Our methods can change regularly. They are as varied as they need to be to fit in with the strategy and as Christ needs them to be,

Things to Watch For

This message is left fairly vague because it has to be directly connected to the situation it is being preached to in order to be effective. This message's outline fits all churches, but the specifics of what strategy and what methods God wants to use in your area are things only you can talk about or know.

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This Message is part 2 of Unstoppable message series.