Unstoppable David

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Unstoppable David
Text: 1 Samuel 17:1-51
Occasion: General
Audience: Adults
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Equipping
Author: Seud O'Nimmey


If God has called you, He has equipped you. So do it.

How to Get There

  • This meeting on the plains was a real struggle. It was stone age tech against iron, insurmountable odds and technology.
  • And this conflict was to be resolved in single combat for the lives of everyone there. The land was a battleground, and the army fled to caves because they were so scared.
  • We are living in a battleground today, right here. And it is a real struggle for the hearts and souls of the people here. And yet so often we run from the battlefield and hide in our churches, sealed away from the danger.
  • God was with these soldiers too. They had known the parting of the Jordon, they knew about God stopping the sun for a day. God had been with them.
  • God is with us today, the Holy Spirit with us. And we have seen God work in our lives too, but we hide.
  • Anything God says we can overcome and yet we don't, that is something we are letting be bigger than God in our lives. The Israelites, and us, make this mistake with the battles in front of us.
  • The people didn't remember their past, how God had led them. And they got used to hiding (40 days), until they were shocked that anyone would stand up to Goliath.
  • There are many things in our lives we are told to overcome, and yet we don't. And the longer we wait the more comfortable with our sins we become, until we no longer even see them. We hide.
  • David was different because he remembered God's past faithfulness in his life (the killing of bear and lion) and used it to guide his future expectations.
    • God had delivered him in the past, why not now?
    • When God calls us to do something, God equips us to do it.
  • And only you can fight your battles. God has equipped you and only you to do what God has called you to do, even if it has never been done before.
  • David did it, and God used him mightily. God always comes through.
  • God is able to do in us what the Holy Spirit is saying needs to happen. God is unstoppable, and so are we when we stop hiding.

Things to Watch For

This is less an interpretation or exegesis of the passage and more of using it as a direct allegory for our situation as a Church today in America. Sound exegesis is of course a must, but the sue in this message is as a parable to help people see their own situation for what it really is.

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