Tried to see Jesus

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Tried to see Jesus
Text: Luke 9:7-9
Occasion: General
Audience: General
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Evangelism
Author: Brian M


To Jesus, all people are of equal importance, and they should be to us too.

How to Get There

  • People were talking about Jesus, and what he meant, who he was. The message was being sent out, but garbled.
  • It even got back into the hands of the ruler of the entire land, a known enemy of the faith who had murdered John the Baptist.
  • And all this talk made him curious. Surely this would be the greatest thing Jesus could have asked for. Change the ruler and you change it all, right?
  • But Jesus didn’t go to see him. If the ruler tries (verb structure of imperfect tense indicates repeated attempts) to see someone, they get to see them. Jesus must have ignored Herod on purpose.
  • But why? If our president wanted to hear about Jesus from us, wouldn’t you drop everything and go? Jesus didn’t.
  • Each life was just as important to Jesus as the next, and real faith was much more important than appearances. Power did not take precedence over need.
  • People are equal, and one changed life it just the same as another. Jesus didn’t pass up those who were truly hurting around him to satisfy the curiosity of someone considered powerful.
  • Who are we passing up because they don’t have much to offer if they do get saved? If we abandoned concepts of different levels of “importance” of people, where would we be, what would we be doing?
  • God didn’t pass up on us to get someone else, we shouldn’t pass up on others either because we are to have the mind of Christ.

Things to Watch For

This message can be taken in a variety of ways. It can be about equality among people, that God cares as much about the poor as the rich. It can be about staying where you are and serving where you're at, not striving for more. Or it can be about how God cares about us so much that he wouldn't have left us for a king. the message it basically the same, the emphasis simply changes.

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This Message is part 11 of Luke: Advent to Easter message series.