Timing is Everything

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Timing is Everything
Text: Acts 8:26-40
Occasion: General
Audience: General
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Action, Service
Author: Brian M


If you need to do something with God, do it here and now. Don't wait.

How to Get There

  • Philip was a follower of God, like most of us claim to be. When God called, he answered.
  • And when Philip followed what God asked him to do, there were amazing results.
  • Tradition claims that this eunich brought Christianity to Ethiopia, where the Ethipian church is still alive and strong 2000 years later, dominating the country.
  • But often when we act like we think God wants us to, nothing happens.
  • The difference is often perspective, we can't see what God wants us to accomplish. But many times it is simply timing.
  • Often we know God wants us to do something and we wait, missing the opportunity. If Philip had waited even a moment he would have missed the chariot.
  • We need to act immediately when God wants us to do something.
  • We also need to act immediately when we need help from God.
  • The eunich asked for help when he needed it, he didn't delay in asking for advice, or asking for baptism. If he had delayed, put it off even 10 minutes, he would have missed his only chance in life.
  • If you need something from God, now is the time to ask and find someone to help. Not tomorrow or later today.
  • And if you are claled to do something, you need to do it now. Don't even wait until the end of service, go and do it.
  • The difference between a disciple and a simple follower is not whether they answer God's calls, but how quickly they do that.
  • Philip responded instantly and a nation was saved. We need to become that quick to respond to our needs and to God's requests.

Things to Watch For

It's hard to overestimate the precision of timing that this event required. The angel didn't move Philip until after everything had already happened. Until the very end it was up to Philip to get tho the road on time, to match speed with the chariot, and everything else that needed timing. It's like running down a 20 miles road to meet someone coming in a cross street right at the intersection.

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