The Seven Demotions of Christ

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The Seven Demotions of Christ
Text: Philippians 2:5-11
Occasion: General
Audience: Adults
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Humility, Surrender
Author: Seud O'Nimmy


We are to surrender our lives to the father's purposes, just like Christ.

How to Get There

  • Upwards mobility is all many people talk about. We adore rags to riches stories.
  • But Christ demonstrated downwards, not upwards, mobility.
  1. Jesus was God, fully god, and released his rights as God (vs 6)
  2. He emptied himself (surrendered his agenda) to fulfill God's will (vs 7)
  3. He took on humanity, ie the incarnation (vs 7)
  4. He became a bond slave, submitting himself under others (vs 8a)
  5. He humbled himself, being willing to suffer, because he kept his perspective on God and God's plan instead of himself (vs 8b)
  6. He gave up his life so others could live, receiving our punishment for us (vs 8c)
  7. He took on abuse, horrible abuse of the cross, so we could be healed (8d)
  • Jesus' story os a riches to rags story, and on purpose. He chose this path, chose to submit himself to the father's plan.
  • We are to have Christ's mind in us (vs 5)
  • We are to humble ourselves like Christ did, and if we surrender ourselves to what God has planned, then like Christ we too will be raised back up (vs 9)

Things to Watch For

Even though none of us can really understand what it is like to be God, it is important to try and paint a picture of what God in Christ really left to become human. It's only when we realize what Jesus had that we can grasp what he went through and what is expected of us as well.

One other thing to watch out for is that this sermon can easily leave the impression that God and Jesus were two seperate people, or that Jesus stopped being God when he became human. Maintaining orthodox trinitarian theology can be tricky, but it is important.

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