The Gift of Sight

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The Gift of Sight
Text: John 9:1-41
Occasion: General
Audience: General
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Service
Author: George Lyons


Christ heals us so that we will work for the needs of others with what we have.

How to Get There

  • How would you explain sight to a blind man? He doesn’t know what he’s missing. He has no memories of light, only of darkness. He has never seen the sun, only felt it’s heat on his face. A person born blind can’t even imagine what it would be like to see.
  • And in Jesus’ day there was no government assistance. If you couldn’t work, you begged. The man in this passage had lived in darkness his whole life, looked down on, humiliated, relying only on others.
  • Until Christ showed up and changed it all. He got sight, got out of the darkness. And with that new sight came insight into the man who gave him sight.
    • The religious leaders doubted what happened because of who that meant Christ was.
    • But the man given sight gained in his knowledge about Christ. First he knew his name, then that he was a prophet, then finally worshipped Jesus as the revealer of God.
  • Why did this man see Jesus as God revealed and the leaders see Jesus as a sinner?
  • Because this man was a former blind man. He could see, the impossible had happened in his life and so he could not believe Christ was anything less than what Christ said he was. He could not deny what had happened to him, and so he accepted Christ for who Jesus said he was.
  • Neutrality is not possible with Christ. We either confess him as lord or we deny him and eventually try to destroy him like the religious leaders.
  • Can we say that we know Christ like that? We have been blind too, if not physically. Maybe we stagger in trials because we don’t really know who healed us.
  • When we are healed, we are to be changed, to see the world differently, like Christ sees it.
  • How does being healed by Jesus change our sight of the world around us? How do we see those like we once were?
    • The people walking by the man saw someone pathetic, or a drain on their resources.
    • The religious leaders saw a problem, a sinner.
    • Even the disciples saw him as an example of sin, a problem to solve.
    • Jesus saw someone in need. And Jesus didn’t stop there, he did something about it.
  • Believing in Christ doesn’t just change our opinions, it changes our outlook on life, our vision, and our actions.
  • We have been healed of what has been crippling us thanks to Christ. And that should change us, that should drive us to see the world a new.
  • The spirit came to us so that we can do even more than Christ did, and we should do it now!
  • What do you see thanks to Christ that needs your help in this world? How can we meet the needs of this world while there is still time?

Things to Watch For

This message was originally written by Dr. George Lyons and converted to this format by Brian M.

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