The Gift

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The Gift
Text: Luke 1:46-55
Occasion: Christmas
Audience: General
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Love, sacrifice
Author: None Given


Jesus coming is the one gift God couldn't afford, it truly shows love.

How to Get There

  • Gifts are central to Christmas traditions. They show our love for each other, and even if it's wrong, we assume the better the gift the more love.
  • Christmas is a gift, where God gave us the gift of his son.
  • Like Christmas morning, people had been anticipating the Messiah for years, longing for a savior. They wanted someone with strength and power, might and the ability to destroy all their enemies.
  • Usually people give gifts from what they can give. We have more money, we give bigger gifts.
  • God is power incarnate. God could make anything, give anything, except himself.
  • Jesus is the one gift God could never afford, that hurt to give.
  • This wasn't a required gift, it was love. And it hurt.
  • Mary saw pain in her life, but she accepted the gift, and she praised God for the gift given to the world because she knew exactly how painful it was.
  • Mary didn't get diamonds, she got a baby.
  • The most precious gift possible is one that is a sacrifice, God vulnerable and human. This Christmas, let's make sure we know what gifts really matter.
  • God doesn't give cash. God gives himself.

Things to Watch For

  • There might be more appropriate passages for this, but when I preached it I wanted to emphasize the response to God's gift, joy.
  • Gifts are not always understood, especially this one.
  • Make sure to differentiate between sacrifical gifts and gifts from excess. No one likes 15 bucks from a millionaire, that doesn't show love.
  • In Mary's song, she uses past tense verbs even though she hasn't gotten pregnant quite yet. She sees the gift of Jesus as the victory.

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This Message is part 2 of Luke: Advent to Easter message series.