The Day Jesus Died

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The Day Jesus Died
Text: Luke 23:26-49
Occasion: Easter, Good Friday
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Audience: Adults
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Salvation
Author: Seud O'Nimmy


Salvation is available to all of us, if we embrace his death.

How to Get There

  • "There they crucified him" - This is a real place, a real event, of a real person. And it has real significance.
  • For Jesus to be killed many laws and rules had to be broken.
    • You couldn't execute someone if they had been scouraged, but Jesus was.
    • The Jewish leaders weren't allowed to kill people, but they condemned him to death.
    • They couldn't meet at night, yet they did anyway.
    • They couldn't exectute someone on the same day as they condemned him, yet they did anyway.
  • The beating would have made a waffle weave of cuts, stipping off the outer layer of his skin.
  • The crown of thorns would have been more of a helmet, crushing into his skull.
  • He was stripped naked, completely so, to humiliate him.
  • The crucifixion.
    • This was a nail through the wrists, then bound. A single nail through both feet.
    • Most people were screaming and swearing, even holy ment. But early Christian tradition says he laid down to be nailed up. He did so quietly and willingly.
    • You cannot swallow, breathe or speak when crucified. You have to pull yourself up on your own nails to breathe. So every word Jesus spoke was spoken through incredible pain as he braced himself on the nails holding him up.
  • So the last words of Jesus are important.
    • "Father forgive them..."
      • No matter what I've done, if he could forgive these men as they tortured him, he can forgive us.
      • And what Jesus modeled we are to do as well. We are to forgive people whether they ask for it or not, whether they deserve it or not.
    • " you will be with me in paradise."
      • In his moment of greatest anguish, Jesus promises that we will not suffer long. I our trials and our death we will instantly be in the arms of a loving God.
    • "Woman, behold your son..."
      • From now on, Mary lives with John.
      • Even at his last, Jesus was caring for other's needs above his own.
      • Jesus cares about our physical needs, our mundane ones, not just our spiritual needs.
    • "I thirst"
      • Jesus desires, thirsts, but not for drink.
      • He thirsts for his people to stay by him. He wants someone to stand with him.
      • Thanks to Jesus' sacrifice, we have the ability to stay strong until the end.
    • "Eloi Eloi..."
      • Jesus died alone for our sins, so that we will never have to be alone again.
    • "It is finished"
      • His work was completed.
      • Salvation is available to all.
    • "Father, into your hands..."
      • We can trust God with our lives, our deaths, our futures.
      • This relationship with God, this salvation Jesus brings, is finishes. We jsut ahev to turn over our lives, our spirits, to God.

Things to Watch For

  • This is a message that needs to be paired with the resurrection soon after giving it, a week at most.
  • This message basically tells the story of the last bit of Jesus' life on earth from just after his arrest through to his death. So some details of what else is happening would probably be good. The sun going out, the mocking, etc.
  • One detail that you want to point out is how depraved and obssessed the people after him really were. This was Passover, the most important time of the year, a major religious holiday. And yet the high priest leaves during sacrifices to confront Pilate about Jesus' sign. Priests are still at the cross mocking him when they should be consecrating themselves and worshipping.

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This is designed to be a very graphic message, and really get into people's minds what Jesus really wen through and what he did on that cross. Some research and/or videos will be needed. Don't pull punches on this one. The more we gloss over what Jesus went through the easier it is to gloss over or ignore what it means.

This Message is part 7 of The Final Week of Jesus' Life: 168 message series.