Teen Purity: Temptation

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Teen Purity: Temptation
Text: 1 Corinthians 10:12-13
Occasion: General
Audience: Youth
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Temptation
Author: WABuisman


How Teens can live Sexually Pure

How to Get There

  • Before we talked about 1 Corinthians 6:16-20 and how Paul screams out to us about sexual immorality
    • He warns us of the danger both spiritually and of the flesh
    • He even quotes Gen 2:24 and how God intended man and woman to be so intimate that they would be as 1 and also how we are to be 1 in spirit with God
      • Living outside of God's standard sexually destroys these relationships
  • Okay, so we know God's standard for us and why He wants us to live it, but a big question is how?
    • How in this world do I live up to purity?

1 Corinthians 10:12-13

  • When I am struggling with a particular sin the first question I ask is "what leads me to that sin? What am I doing, who am I with, anything that triggers the temptation to indulge in that sin.
    • I often hear the excuse "it just happened," but I don't buy it. There was a whole process of events and decisions that lead up to almost all sin
    • "Be Careful that you don't fall" is a caution we usually don't listen to. If you're walking right up to the edge of temptation, you're being stupid and setting yourself up for sin and you're going to fall off the cliff.
    • Take a step back. Avoid those circumstances and people who lead you into sin
      • Don't be alone with your date, set physical boundaries that you know you can handle, don't get wasted; be careful.

  • You also need to know that others Are struggling with the similar problems
    • We think we're alone in our struggles, but you're not. Many have been there, many are there.
    • Girls; you need to talk with other girls about what your struggling with and how you can live inside of God's plan for you life
    • Guys; you need to talk with other guys and figure out how you can help each other stand strong and live honorably to God's call for you

  • In our faith, God will help us overcome any problem.
    • Your relationship with God can be the strongest weapon against sin. So, How strong is your relationship with God?
      • If the answer is "not that strong" then you need to consider backing off in your romantic relationships until the most important relationship in your life is healthy
  • God created you to be strong enough.
    • God will provide a way for you to defeat that sin.
      • I always hear about how a particular mistake was destined or unavoidable, especially with sex. Rape aside, God gave you legs and a voice. It even says "FLEE..." so when temptation gets really strong, then run. Literally if you have to.
  • Sexual Purity
    • It's difficult, but it's important, and it's possible with God.
    • But you have to choose to build Healthy relationships
    • you have to choose to avoid setting yourself up for failure
    • you have to choose to God's stand for your life

Things to Watch For

I like to focus this particular message so that I convey that the primary idea isn't looking back, but looking forward. I want the teens to learn how to live inside God's plan for them sexually and equip them to avoid temptation.

I often find in this series that there will be a couple teens that cannot handle the topic maturely and fell obligated to contribute their own humor and other outbursts. I try to talk with them before hand, and if they do act out during the message I remove them from the room on the first offense. It's too sensitive and too easy to derail what God needs to say to the group on this topic.

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Sometimes I will split them up into smaller groups (by gender) and have adults lead them in discussion before or after the message. They often need a time and place to process these ideas, but it's not a topic that lends itself to big group discussions.

This Message is part 3 of Teen Purity Series message series.