Teen Purity: Consequences

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Teen Purity: Consequences
Text: 1 Corinthians 7:2-4
Occasion: General
Audience: Youth
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Sexual Purity
Author: WABuisman


To help Teens weigh the consequences of Sexual Immorality

How to Get There

  • Ask the Group how many of them have for the last 2 years turned in every single assignment on time and fulfilled the all of the individual assignment requirements? They don't have to get 100% on the grade just fulfill the assignment's requirements.
    • What are the typical consequences for late, missing or improperly done assignments?
    • Why didn't you do everything required of you?
    • Different Question: What is the longest running, public (doesn't count if its secret), consecutive (doesn't count any break-ups), teen dating relationship in this room?
  • In the last message we talked about God's views on sex, and also how the Bible tells us to flee from sexual immorality. Today we're going about why.
    • Today, Safe sex is defined as the use of Condoms and so I wanted to talk about that safety
      • The current failure rate for condoms is somewhere around 2%, not .1% like commonly advertised [make sure to fact check this statistic].
    • But in order to get this 2% you have to follow these rules perfectly. [show all the requirements for effective condom use. The page I found from the manufacturer's is 3 pages single spaced, 10 point font.]
      • Now, how many of you did a perfect job on your school work? When you mess up on your homework you get a B, when you mes up on sex, you get Hepatitis B...for life!
  • Now it's technically true that for sexually active people Condoms do provide the best chance of avoiding STDs and pregnancy.
    • However people make mistakes often and the greater truth is you won't be able to follow those rules enough to get anything close to "safe sex."
    • In either case you are still risking the rest of your life, and exposing yourself more than you realize.
      • [show a "sexual exposure chart" found online]
  • Luckily God has a better plan for you and the best part is you still get to have sex!

1 Corinthians 7:2-4

  • What happens when you have 1 sexual partner for your entire life?
    • Sex is more than sex, it's emotional, relational and physical intimacy
      • When it's in the confines of a wholly committed, wholly loving relationship of marriage it is at it's best
    • The consequences of sex disappear
      • No extra-marital pregnancies if you don't have sex before marriage...duh
      • If both partners have only had sex with each other, no reasonable possibility of STDs
  • There is also a level of trust and respect for each other you were never aware could exist
    • The passage says that their bodies do not belong to themselves, but to their spouse
    • You need to consider how your decisions now will effect your future spouse
      • It's important for you to love your wife or husband right now through your actions and decisions
      • 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 says that love is not selfish and love protects
    • And besides, I've never ever heard anyone say that they wished that their spouse had had more sex before the were married


  • God wants for you to have and enjoy sex, he designed you for it
    • But he also set up boundaries, not because he's mean, but because he loves you and he wants to protect you
  • You get to choose which path you want for your life
    • I'm asking you to choose to commit to God's Plan

Things to Watch For

Remember from the first message to consider the context of the audience, parents, adult volunteers, etc. This is treacherous ground, so be aware.

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You need to be informed about the facts before you give this message and analyze them with as little bias as possible. Ironically, some of the best statistics are on secular sites and teens are more likely to take them and you seriously, than quoting Christian groups. And their facts still show a severe need for modern day sexual purity and Godly standards.

  • What are the current teen dating and sexuality statistics?
  • What is being taught today as "safe sex" in schools and the media, particularly condom usage
    • you may need to take some time to observe and/or review some of the media your teens are exposed to, because the subconscious, subtle message are just as important as what is openly taught.
  • What are statistics on condoms, their failure rates, and especially the requirements to use them effectively
  • What are the current STD statistics and what are the physical effects of being infected

If you're uncomfortable researching, discussing, and answering these questions, you might consider not doing this series, because these are the questions that your teens have and need real answers to.

This Message is part 2 of Teen Purity Series message series.