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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Direction" with value "If God has called you, He has equipped you. So do it". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Reaching for the Goal Line  + (God lays goals on our hearts and we are to press on to God.)
  • What Makes Love Last  + (God lovingly entered our lives and as that love grows in us we can enter others' lives and love them too.)
  • Hope in the Dark  + (God risked himself on us, we can risk ourself on God.)
  • God Trusted Us  + (God shows he trusts people with Jesus' birth)
  • Jehovah - Rophe, Healer  + (God wants to be the healer of every aspect of your life.)
  • Jehovah - Jireh, Provider  + (God wants to be who we turn to for our provision in life.)
  • Power Along the Way  + (God will step in and work if you stake the first steps on faith.)
  • God's Great Story of Christmas  + (God's favor is not given to "great" people, but God's favor makes small people great.)
  • Lostness and a Tale of Three Sons  + (God's love for us is unquenchable.)
  • Going to Church makes you a Christian  + (Going to church does not make you a Christian.)
  • Ticket to Heaven  + (Guy suddenly dies and finds himself outsid
    Guy suddenly dies and finds himself outside the gates of heaven with all his earthly junk. He sees others getting into heaven and tries to go into heaven himself, but St. Peter stops him because he can't bring in all that junk. Finally Jesus comes on the scene and helps him out. However he still isn't able to get into heaven and figures out that it's because he doesn’t know Jesus.
    t that it's because he doesn’t know Jesus.)
  • Unwanted Blessings  + (Having Jesus didn't seem like a blessing, but Mary rejoiced in faith.)
  • Teen Purity: Girls  + (Help Teenage Girls Understand God's Standard for them)
  • Your Purpose  + (Helping preteens to find their identity in Christ. What God wants from them and why they were created.)
  • The High Price of Silence  + (Hiding our sins never works, but confession will bring happiness.)
  • Teen Purity: Temptation  + (How Teens can live Sexually Pure)
  • Carrying the Cross  + (How much Jesus did for them when he died.)
  • Turbulance  + (How much turbulence do you leave behind)
  • Motivation  + (How to become motivated to come to church and follow Christ, to be righteous, to grow and obtain grace, in order to be save and obtain the kingdom of God)
  • Silent Shuffle  + (How to communicate effectively, especially under frustrating circumstances)
  • Body of Christ  + (How to effectively communicate and appreciate their different Gifts)
  • Shifting Shapes  + (How to lead)
  • Spiders Web  + (How to work as a team to overcome obstacles)
  • Electric Fence  + (How to work together as a team and problem solving)
  • Treacherous Tarp Fold  + (How to work together to solve a simple, but difficult problem)
 (If God has called you, He has equipped you. So do it)