Sin in the camp

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Sin in the camp
Text: Joshua 7:1-26
Occasion: General
Audience: Adults, Youth
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Forgiveness
Author: D. Mackey


Is there sin in your camp

How to Get There

The Isrealites had just destroyed the city of Jericho, then suffered a defeat at the town of Ai. The defeat came beacuse one man violated God's command about the plunder of Jericho.

Is there sin in your camp?

  • The camp of your family?
  • The camp of your church?
  • The camp of assorted levels of government?
  • The camp of your business?

What do we do about it?

  • Recognize it for what it is.
  • Seek forgiveness and turn from the sin.
  • In a corporate body (church, government, business) select godly leaders
  • Confess our sins, corporate and personal, and God will forgive

(read Daniel 9:1-4 for a sample prayer)

Things to Watch For

Sometimes God listens and still lets his people stumble on their own.

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