Simeon and Anna: An example of Patience

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Simeon and Anna: An example of Patience
Text: Luke 2:22-40
Occasion: Advent
Audience: Adults
Theological Tradition: Wesleyan
Topic: Patience, Prayer
Author: Edwin Weaver


God has started a new thing, but it isn't done yet, there is still much to pray for and mourn over.

How to Get There

  • It was only a short time of marriage for Anna, but it would be a burden to her families, so instead she serves in the temple.
  • She has the same message from God for her entire life, that the Messiah was coming. Simeon had the same basic message, but no one seemed to be listening.
  • After all these years (probably over 60) of saying the same thing, and no one listened. This had to have been tough. God hadn't answered their prayers yet and they were nearing death.
  • Even today there is still a difference between what God has promised and what we see how. Death still stings for the moment, though we know now in the long run.
  • Sometimes not everything works out. Advent is when we look forward to the baby. We see the kingdom coming, right here at hand, but it's not fully hear yet and we mourn.
  • We pray with Anna and Simeon that God's kingdom come and God's will be done, that the kingdom comes more fully every Advent we commemorate.
  • Do we spend any time mourning that the kingdom is not fully here and praying that the promises will be fully brought to fruition.
  • We celebrate what we have, but not everyone has freedom and life and health and food. Not everyone knows God, the kingdom is still not fully here. We need to mourn that.
  • But we also need to trust that like Anna and Simeon, God has not abandoned his promises to us. The time is coming, we need to keep praying that it comes soon.

Things to Watch For

Advent usually is about anticipation in Christmas and how the world changes with Christ, and rightly so. This message looks at how the world is not fully changed yet. Many of the things Christ started haven't been finished yet. We should never forget what is still to come, or cease praying for it to be fulfilled.

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