Silent Shuffle

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Silent Shuffle
Topic Communication
Group Size 1-10
Prep Time 0-20 min
Setting Anywhere
Age Group Any
The Point How to communicate effectively, especially under frustrating circumstances

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Supplies Needed

Either a telephone pole or a log that can be laid down horizontally with the ground or some kind of board that is at least 6 inches wide (a 4X4 just isn't big enough)

If you do not have access to a pole or board, you can do it along a wall and have them blindfolded instead of mute.

How to Set Up

Make sure that the pole or board are level, which mean that you may have to elevate one end of the pole or board. Eliminate any dangerous obstacles that may cause injury when people fall of the pole or board. Also make sure that the pole/board are set-up far enough away from trees and walls (like 10ft).

What Happens Then

Have the group line up randomly on the pole, board or wall. Then explain to them that they are blind and/or mute (depending on how difficult you want it to be). Then tell the group a criteria like age, shoe size, height, name, etc that they must organize themselves into in exact order. For instance, if the criteria is age then explain to them which side is the youngest and which end is the oldest and when they think they are done go through the line and double check their accuracy.

If they fall off the pole or break the rules (like by talking) you can punish them by making them going back by a couple places.

You can do a few rounds and make it progressively harder or easier as the situation requires. It shouldn't be easy and you can debrief the experience during and after the fact.

  • what can/could you have done differently?
  • how hard was it to communicate to others what you were trying to say?
  • how hard was it to understand what others were trying to say?
  • do you feel the team as a whole was successful?
  • did your team use some kind of a system?
  • etc

Possible Problems

Make sure that they don't do the running and jumping over people, especially on a pole. They can't do it and they will most likely get injured.

Double check to eliminate obstacles that they could fall onto. A preferable environment would include a soft floor, floor mats, a layer of bark chips, or grassy ground.

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