Run for Freedom

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Run for Freedom
Text: 1 Corinthians 5:7
Occasion: General
Audience: General
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Salvation, Holiness
Author: None Given


With Christ as our Passover lamb, we too must flee bondage for our lives

How to Get There

  • This verse talks about Jesus as our Passover lamb, tying our salvation in with the salvation of the Israelites in Egypt.
  • Read the Passover story first, or at least paraphrase it as a refresher.
  • Jesus is our lamb. When death should have claimed us, God passed over because of Jesus.
  • But that is only half of the story. The Passover was but the first part of the Exodus for the Israelites, and for us. Then there was an Exodus.
  • The Israelites needed a lamb because there was no other way to escape their bondage. We are also in bondage, to this world, to sin, to our way of living that ignores God.
  • And like the Israelites, the Passover is merely the first step. We have been freed from what binds us thanks to Jesus, but now we too must flee from those things.
  • The Israelites wanted to return to their bondage, it was easier, it was the known. Walking with God is the unknown.
  • Too often we want to take the Passover, avoid death, and stay with the Egyptians, but that isn't an option. We must run from our bondage, and not only be free moment by moment but for our lives.
  • We cannot take Passover and miss the Exodus from our old lives and into following God.

Things to Watch For

  • Today, not many people know the story of Passover and the Exodus. We take the lamb of God to mean just a sacrifice, and end it there. But that isn't the idea.
  • Be careful not to leave what we flee from completely vauge, but give examples of leaving our old life behind.
  • This can easily become a series on parallels with the Exodus involving not just running away from the old, but also following God's directions.

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