Rekindle Passion

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Rekindle Passion
Text: Revelation 3:14-22
Occasion: General
Audience: Adults
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Passion, Value
Author: Dick Emery


self-sufficiency is the death of passion. It can be reborn through putting our value in Christ.

How to Get There

  • We know passion, and we know lack of passion. Laodicea was without passion.
  • John uses images from the city itself in this min-letter.
    • They had to import water from a long ways away and it was tepid, like them.
    • They were a wealthy town, with rich clothes.
    • The city specialized in making salve for the eyes, and yet they needed that salve spiritually.
  • This city relied upon itself, the people relied upon themselves.
  • Self-sufficiency is the death of passion.
    • It lead us to think we don't need anything, and any closed system eventually fails on its own, whether that be a fridge without power, an aquarium, or a church.
  • On our own we lose our passion over time. We need the Holy Spirit regularly entering in with us to keep our passion.
  • Without that passion for the eternal we will build our lives on temporary things, things we can do for ourselves, and we will never have what really matters.
  • We can easily, like this church did, delude ourselves into thinking we are full of God's life when in reality we are an empty shell of only our own making.
  • It is when we place our value in Christ that we build what lasts, and that we find our passion again.

Things to Watch For

The story of the emperors new clothes is a good one here. It involves people without something thinking that they truly have it, just like here.

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