Redeeming Ruth

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Redeeming Ruth
Text: Ruth 3:10-18
Occasion: General
Audience: General
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Redeemer
Author: Brian M


Boaz wanted to redeeem Ruth, God wants to redeem us

How to Get There

  • Ruth 4 continues the story and will probably need to be paraphrased at least.
  • Redeemers were a Jewish tradition where a close relative would buy back land, or even people, that were having a hard time.
  • This was not a requirement, though. It was always voluntary.
  • There was no law about saving an in-law of an in-law, let alone a foreigner.
  • Boaz was not required to do anything, he wanted to help.
  • Naomi thought he was so excited that he'd take care of it right away, and he did.
  • Boaz saved Ruth, gave her a home, a homeland, a family, a future, and respect.
  • Titus 2:14 says Jesus redeems us as well.
  • What Boaz did for Ruth, Jesus can do for us, and is eager to do.
  • But like Ruth, we need to ask.

Things to Watch For

The redeemer concept is very important, but most people don't really understand it. It will be important to describe exactly what this is all about during the message.

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