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"To Save A Life" +This Series uses the Christian Movie, "To Save a Life" in conjunction with the Bible to explore issues relevant to Teens  +


4 Lepers outside the Gate of Samaria .jpg +A drawing of four lepers outside the gates of Samaria  +
4X4 Trolley +That a team is many individuals working together  +


A Conversation with Jesus +We need to find our identity in Jesus and invest ourselves in Him to shine His light.  +
A Gift Just for You +This sets up telling the story of the magi coming to baby Jesus, and that gifts are for good and for free.  +
A Lifestyle of Generosity +We are to live generously, giving to God's plan so that we and others can know God's love.  +
A New Day +Christ's resurrection brings a new day for the world, and a new life for us.  +
A Perfect Place to Live +Two characters talk about how wonderful where they live in, and how great Eden was. It is designed merely to prepare for the story of Eden to be told.  +
A Redemptive Person is a Neighbor +Evangelism is building bridges so we become true neighbors.  +
A Tale of Two Feasts +Christ reigns. We choose to acknowledge him or not, and our choices carry consequences.  +
A Tale of Two Sons +The acceptance and love we seek from a father and should pass on to our kids we find in God.  +
A Wees Bar 1.jpg +A shot of the autumn grass at A Wees Bar  +
A Wide Open Door +The door is open for us to grow and be like Christ, but we have to want it.  +
Aliens +We are aliens (sojourners) in this world.  +
Always on our Mind +Our minds should be on people and their needs, especially their eternal needs.  +
Amazing Unbelief +Our own lack of understanding and self-reliance is keeping God from working in us.  +
Anatole - Hope +We cannot live without hope. Christ gives hope, casting out despair and fear.  +
Ancient Archway.jpg +An ancient archway in Kardamili Greece  +
And Along Came Jesus +To Jesus everyone matters, and Jesus is ready to help us live our lives to the fullest  +
Angel Falls.JPG +Angel Falls near Salem Oregon  +
Answer Your Prayer +With God's guidance we are not only to say prayers, but answer them for others.  +
Antique Door Latch.jpg +A hand made antique door latch.  +
Aphrodesias Ruins.JPG +Ruined Roman archways in Aphrodesias in Turkey  +
Armored Righteousness +We cannot be righteous through our own efforts, but God can make us righteous.  +
Artemis Statue.JPG +A typical statue of Artemis/Diana from Ephesus like those mentioned in Acts 18-19.  +
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