Prepare for Obstacles

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Prepare for Obstacles
Topic Preperation
Group Size 10-40
Prep Time 5+ Hours
Setting Outdoors
Age Group
The Point We need to prepare for life if we want to succeed

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Supplies Needed

  • Sprinklers, hoses, water balloons and dipsticks
  • A facility or area to set up a maze (B), an obstacle course (A), and a water slaughterhouse (C)
  • 10 Tennis balls
  • Cardboard for maze or tables in a cafeteria
  • Cups, flashlights, tennis balls, umbrella, claw (picking up device), squirt gun, 10 feet of rope, pole, toothbrush and you will need 10 of each of these items
  • Rice paper boxes bigger than 3*3*3 inches and about 1 for every camper
  • Sponges small enough to fit in a Styrofoam cup
  • Clues about each section of the obstacle course, about 2 for each obstacle section (total about 6 clues)

How to Set Up

Build an obstacle course according to the illustration below. This will take building the walls, the clues, and testing it out once or twice.

What Happens Then

Students will gather into groups of 4 and proceed to the “store” at the beginning of the course (illustration on next page). Each person will choose one item from the colored list above in the preparation section or one clue about an obstacle. Once each of the four persons on the team has chosen their item the team will enter the course and proceed from one challenge to the next. They will be able to use only those items or clues they got at the store themselves to get through the course.

Section A: They get a wet sponge and must transport it through the course will keeping it as wet as possible. When they reach the end they will empty it and have to fill a cup to a pre-marked amount. If they did not get enough of the cup filled they must go back. It should be possible to soak the sponge and fill the cup up to the line once. But they will lose water from the sponge over the course of obstacles unless they have the cup or are creative.

Section B: Section B is a maze and should be done in the dark if at all possible so that the flashlight becomes important. They must find the tennis balls and get them to the end of that course.

Section C: They will receive a rice paper box and must transport it through water fire, and pool to the finish. This paper disintegrates if it gets wet so they should use the umbrella to help protect the box if they selected the umbrella.

Some items are useless (toothbrush) others are helpful (cup), but the goal is to show how preparation and knowledge can make running the obstacle course of life easier. Show a video illustrating the difference between those who were prepared well and those that weren't.

Possible Problems

This can be confusing so be careful with explaining it to people. If people are really struggling, start giving them clues to begin with.

There isn't a lot of danger here, just make sure the walls won't fall on anyone. Prepare For Obstacles Illustration.jpg

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