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In case you hadn't used them before, Podcasts are basically online audio that gets regularly updated. Usually in Christian circles they are recorded sermons, but not always. Vodcasts are basically the same thing, except that instead of just audio there is video as well.

Each podcast can be subscribed to and automatically downloaded if you have the right software. iTunes is the most popular software to do this. In order to get one of these podcasts, either follow the link and manually download the episodes, or copy the web address into your favorite software and click "subscribe".

Church Podcasts

Website Rating Description
Mars Hill Church Seattle noscript=true}} Mars Hill is one of the most honest churches out there right now. Coming from a Calvinist perspective pastor Mark Driscoll does his best to preach God to a postmodern culture without losing either the people or the message.
Mars Hill Church noscript=true}} This is not the same church as above. This is a church in the east pastored by Rob Bell, the noted author of “Velvet Elvis” and “Sex God”. Whereas Mark Driscoll encounters our culture from a conservative view, Rob Bell approaches the same place from a more liberal position. Excellent storyteller.
New Hope Oahu noscript=true}} New Hope is a megachurch in Oahu Hawaii with a gifted speaker. There isn't anything to make these stand out, but they always hold their own.
Hillsong Church Vodcasts noscript=true}} These are the videos of the services from the church that the group Hillsong comes from.
Center for Excellence in Preaching noscript=true}} These are some of the chapel recordings of Calvin Theological Seminary, given by some of the best preachers in the country. Dozens of people speak, including William Willimon, Barbara Taylor Brown, and N.T. Wright.
Willow Creek Podcast noscript=true}} Willow Creek Church is famous for its' size, its' pastor, and its' association helping pastors. A very popular church to listen to.

Christian Speakers

Website Rating Description
Tony Campolo noscript=true}} Tony Campolo is one of the most popular Christian speakers about Christianity in the west out there today. Definitely worth a listen.
Emergent Village noscript=false}} This is a community of postmodern Christian speakers who regularly speak on a wide variety of topics that are of interest to pastors and Christian leaders.