Personal Slavery

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Personal Slavery
Text: John 8:31-38
Occasion: General
Audience: General
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Slavery, Sin
Author: Brian M


One sin makes us a slave to it, we need freedom from Christ.

How to Get There

  • These adversaries of Jesus said they weren't slaves to anyone when Jesus said he could free them.
  • The Israelites were slaves to everyone. The Egyptians, then many peoples in Judges, then Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Seleucids, and now the Romans. They forgot their slavery to lift themselves up.
  • They felt physical slavery for most of their history as a people, and yet they ignored it because they wanted to deny that they needed help from Jesus.
  • But you can't deny that, it's historical record. Every Jewish child new about Egypt and the Diaspora. The people saying this knew it.
  • We are like that. Jesus says all who sin is a slave to it. But we deny that we need Jesus, deny that we are slaves.
  • We pretend that we can stop sinning, even to ourselves sometimes.
  • But it is just as obvious that we are slaves to our sins as it was that the Israelites had been slaves from time to time since Abraham. It's laughable to think they weren't slaves. It's laughable to think we aren't too.
  • Just because we only sin every once in a while, we like to think we aren't slaves to it, that we don't need to bother Jesus over it. Well the people of Israel were only slaves a couple of times too, but they had still been slaves.
  • If we sin, we are slaves to it. Once is too many times to avoid that.
  • But the son can set you free. The son can make you a son, a daughter. If we admit we are slaves, come to him, and follow his teachings as a new child.

Things to Watch For

This is just the tip of the iceberg for this passage. The primary question this message leaves out is what does the teaching look like, what does being free or being a child of God look like? All of those issues must be answered for people to really understand faith and salvation.

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