Palm Sunday 3

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Palm Sunday 3
Text: Luke 19:28-48
Occasion: Palm Sunday
Audience: General
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Palm Sunday
Author: David Mackey


Jesus knew what He was doing entering Jerusalem

How to Get There

Who was this Jesus? To us Christians, He is the Messiah. How do we know? There is a song with a line that says approximately, "I know he lives because He lives withing my heart." To us Christians, that makes sense, but to a non believer, it's another piece of nonsense that makes us look so foolish. On strickly odds, what are the odds that Jesus:

  • knews there was a donkey tied up nearby.
  • knew the owners would release it
  • knew the Messiah had to ride into Jerusalem on a donkey. (Zechariah 9:9)
  • quoted scripture in response to the priests asking Him to quiet the crowds. (The stones will cry out-Habbakuk 2:11)
  • (knew the date the Messiah had to enter Jerusalem. (Daniel 9)
  • (knew a man with a jug on his head would be in the exact spot at the exact time so his disciples could meet him

At His trial Jesus is asked if He is the messiah. (it's phrased differently in each of the gospels recording the incident) He answers "it is as you say." While that response seems a bit vague to us today, it is the closest phrasing Aramaic could come to "Darn right I am."

Consider this:

  • Jesus was on trial for his life. If He had answered no, and promised not to go leading the people anymore, they probably would have let Him go. When he answered the Jewish council, was he telling the truth or lying? There is no middle ground.

Things to Watch For

If He knew his claims were false then:

  • he was a liar who mislead the people and deserved to die.
  • If his claims were false and he believed them, then he was sincerely deluded and again, deserved to die.
  • But if He answered the council honestly, then we have no choice but to bow down to Him and accept Jesus for just who He said He was, Messiah, Son of God.

For more in depth information, see "Evidence That Demands A Verdict" by Josh McDowell.

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