Palm Sunday 2

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Palm Sunday 2
Text: Luke 19:28-40
Occasion: Palm Sunday
Audience: General
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Palm Sunday
Author: David Mackey


Jesus knew what he was doing that Sunday

How to Get There

In Jesus' day, Gallilee was a hot bed for revolution against Rome. The very area where the Prince of Peace grew up and taught. There were two primary groups of revolutionaries at the time, the Zealots and the Iscari. Both were willing to do anything to stop Rome, including assinations, murder, etc., the Iscari the more radical of the two groups. (Sound familiar today) Jesus had a Zealot in his band of disciples, Simon the Zealot. There are those who say Judas Iscariot is a bad transliteration for Iscari. On Palm Sunday the people were celebrating the arrival of the Messiah, but five days later, they were screaming for Jesus' excecution. Why are we suspicious the Zealots had a hand in the change in the crowd? The palm branch was a symbol of the Zealots.

Things to Watch For

The people and Jewish leaders were looking for a military messiah, one to free them polically from the Romans. Jesus preached peace and forgiveness. When in five days he hadn't acted like the miltary messiah they were looking for, but instead was preaching an entirely different message which included pointing out the leaders' errors, they got rid of him.

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