Obeying Authority

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Obeying Authority
Text: Matthew 26:1-18
Occasion: General
Audience: Children
Theological Tradition: Wesleyan
Topic: Obedience
Author: Trevor Robinson


Even Jesus obeyed authority

How to Get There

Point One - Obeying authority pleases God.

  • This is a great place to roll out all the verses that speak of children obeying their parents, citizens obeying the law, and people obeying God.

Point Two - Obeying authority gives us protection in life.

  • Great place to toss in a story of the boy who was told not to put his hand on the stove but just had to do it.

Point Three - Obeying authority gives us direction in life.

  • This is like following the street signs of school, parents discipline, and where we are called by the Lord.
  • This is also the main tie-in with survival. You can talk about surviving bad teachers, near accidents, or almost anything else that relates to following guides.

Point Four - Even Jesus obeyed authority.

  • Matthew 26:39

Things to Watch For

This topic is more theory than experiential so I had to make sure that I was constantly using real life examples of what I was talking about. I also used 2 kids to illustrate the points that I was making. I had them act out the story I was telling or asked them if they had ever experienced something like I was talking about. I ended up having a million kids wanting to tell a million stories so watch out for the kids that talk without raising their hand. They will go nuts as you tell your personal experience.

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