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Text: 1 Timothy, 1 John, John 6:3,3, 1:35-39
Occasion: Youth Service
Audience: Youh, Adults
Theological Tradition: Protestant
Topic: Righteousness, Growth, Grace, Kingdom of God
Author: Iris


How to become motivated to come to church and follow Christ, to be righteous, to grow and obtain grace, in order to be save and obtain the kingdom of God

How to Get There

  • The Motivation and Mystery of Godly Behavior. 1Tim 3
  • Often willingness and motivation to do right can be nourithsed by the actual action of doing what is right. 1 John 3
  • but Jesus says there is somthing wrong with their motivation, the proper motivation has to do with seeing miraculouse signs. John 6 1:35-39

Things to Watch For

Yesterdays youth, todays youth. What God whats from all of us not just youth what Jesus says about motivation what steps to take. Taking the steps to follow Jesus how it is not easy but it can be done and what your reward will be. 1 Tim, 1 John

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I am a youth leader I have tried many things to reach our youth in our church but I they still lack motivation to come to church and being a christain in these times is not easy but they use that as an excuse to do whats right. (work to help out at home, working on the sunday and on their youth service night, not want to be active at church being ashamed of talking to others about being christain or coming to church. If any one has any ides please help I wanted to bring a message at service tonight. Thanks, Iris


Look at the discussion link towards the top of the web page; I made some suggestions for you to consider. You can post to the discussion if you want to dialogue on it.

God Bless,