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Welcome to our collection of Message ideas

Sanctuary Salem First Church of the Nazarene

As fellow pastors, we know that Sunday cannot be stopped, and that podiums need to be filled each week with someone speaking a word from God. Whether it's a Sunday morning sermon, a youth message, or children's church, the message needs to be given every week. That's a tough job, and we here at Help For Shepherds would like to help.

This is not designed to be a site with full sermons, or even full sermon outlines. We think every leader needs to make a message their own and tailor it to their people for it to be successful. That's why this page is designed to help jumpstart pastors when it's just hard to come up with something, while leaving room for you as the leader to make it your own. If you have ever been sitting in front of the Bible without any idea where to go from there, this site is for you.

Every Message idea is one that another pastor has tried and found to be helpful. Each idea is based on a passage of the Bible and provides a direction to take that passage as well as some steps to get you there and some improtant things you should keep in mind while on the journey. We firmly believe that God speaks to us today through the Bible, and that the best sermons are not crafted by brilliant people but by those who take the Bible and apply it to their people and their context. What we're attempting to do here is to help you in the thinking, while giving you room to still apply the message to fit your people and your situation.

Adding Your Own Ideas

Any pastor or leader can help out by submitting their own message ideas based on their own messages. To start, all you need is to type the title of your message into the box below and click "Add a New Message Idea". That will take you to a form which will help you fill out a new idea. There is no programming you have to do or a ton of links you need to create. If you have and questions let us know through the forum and we'll be happy to help.

If you are looking for series of messages intstead of individual ones, check out our Sermon Series page, where you can see entire series of messages ordered together, or add one of your own as well.

We'd love to hear what God's been saying to you and your people, so please let us know and maybe it will help another pastor out who needs a jump.

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Message Ideas

A Conversation with JesusJohn 812-59We need to find our identity in Jesus and invest ourselves in Him to shine His light.Light
GeneralGeneralJeff Mammen
A Lifestyle of GenerosityMark 1241-44We are to live generously, giving to God's plan so that we and others can know God's love.Generosity
GeneralGeneralDarren Bartholomew
A New DayLuke 241-12Christ's resurrection brings a new day for the world, and a new life for us.ResurrectionGeneralEasterDarren Bartholomew
A Redemptive Person is a Neighbor1 Corinthians 916-23Evangelism is building bridges so we become true neighbors.Evangelism
GeneralGeneralDick Emery
A Tale of Two FeastsRevelation 191-20Christ reigns. We choose to acknowledge him or not, and our choices carry consequences.choices
AdultsCommunionGeorge Lyons
A Tale of Two SonsLuke 1511-32The acceptance and love we seek from a father and should pass on to our kids we find in God.fatherhood
AdultsEdwin Weaver
A Wide Open DoorRevelation 38The door is open for us to grow and be like Christ, but we have to want it.GrowthAdultsGeneralSeud O'Nimmey
AliensEphesians 219-22We are aliens (sojourners) in this world.Culture
GeneralGeneralD. Mackey
Always on our MindPhilippians 24-5Our minds should be on people and their needs, especially their eternal needs.PeopleAdultsGeneralSeud O'Nimmy
Amazing UnbeliefMark 61-6Our own lack of understanding and self-reliance is keeping God from working in us.Power
GeneralGeneralGeorge Lyons
Anatole - HopeLuke 176-79We cannot live without hope. Christ gives hope, casting out despair and fear.Hope
AdultsGeneralDick Emery
And Along Came JesusMark 1046-52To Jesus everyone matters, and Jesus is ready to help us live our lives to the fullestHealingGeneralSeud O'Nimmy
Answer Your PrayerRuth 211-12With God's guidance we are not only to say prayers, but answer them for others.PrayerAdultsGeneralBrian M
Armored RighteousnessEphesians 614We cannot be righteous through our own efforts, but God can make us righteous.RighteousnessGeneralGeneralBrian M
Battle StrategiesJoshua 51-11God is in charge/His ways are not our ways/Always be on God’s side,Circumcision
AdultsGeneralD. Mackey
Be StrongRevelation 31-6We can be spiritually dead and not even know it. We need to wake up, depend on Christ, and become overcomers.Spiritual StrengthAdultsGeneralDick Emery
Be a Warrior for ChristEphesians 612Think of spiritual warfare and the spritual warrior as possibly "similar to a spritual ninja"Be wise as serpents/gentle as dovesChildren and Youth, Young Adults
Being the ChurchActs 1622-34Being the church means living our faith simply and radicallyHow to BE the ChurchGeneralGeneralWABuisman
Big Actions, Little ActionsRuth 119-21We can't do everything, but we can do enough with God's guidance.Depression
GeneralGeneralBrian M
Breathe on me Breath of GodEzekiel 371-14If we are feeling dead, dry, hollow, the Holy Spirit is here to breathe life in us.Holy Spirit
AdultsGeneralEdwin Weaver
Called to ChangeGalatians 113-16No matter what, God is always urging us to be transformed, and to follow God's call on our lives.Transformation
AdultsGeneralNone Given
Called to be a WatchmanEzekiel 316-27We are watchmen, keeping each other accountable and serving each other.Accountability
AdultsGeneralEdwin Weaver
Change Comes through AbidingJohn 151-11Jesus is inviting us to join with Him, union with God in life and work.Unity
GeneralGeneralEdwin Weaver
Christ in OthersLuke 241We are to be Jesus to the people around us.Humility
GeneralAdventEdwin Weaver
Church on a Bad DayActs 51-11Don't lie about where you are, admit it and keep growingPretending
GeneralGeneralBrian M
Communion MemorialJoshua 314-4:24We need memorials to remember what God has done in our
Compassionate Hearts CurriculumMark 81-10Connect with “compassionate hearts” a Christian education curriculum to promote a child’s moral and spiritual development. Engage in a practical curriculum that is applicable for Christian leaders and teachers in the church or school environment.CompassionChildren and Youth, Young AdultsGeneral
ContentmentPhilippians 47-11Contentment comes to those whose focus is on eternal purposes.ContentmentAdultsSeud O'Nimmy
Cousin John, Working for the Kingdom without a KingLuke 31-6We prepare the way for Christ to work in those around us through all stages of life.Community
AdultsAdventEdwin Weaver
Disbanding ArmiesLuke 112-4Forgiveness is letting go, and we have to do it to know we are forgivenForgivenessAdultsGeneralBrian M
DistractionsMatthew 1423-33If we take our focus off Christ, we are lost. But if Christ is always our focus we can do amazing things.Focus
Dive InLuke 15-25Fear is a normal part of following God, but dive in anyway and serve.Fear
GeneralChristmasNone Given
Do Not Stop on the WayLuke 101-12We have a mission from God and nothing, not even good things, should distract us from that.MissionAdultsGeneralBrian M
Do Your DreamGenesis 371-36Get involved in fulfilling the dreams God gives you for ourselves and the Church.Dream
AdultsGeneralSeud O'Nimmy
Don't Worry, Be HappyPsalm 1311-3No matter the circumstances God will get us through.GraceGeneralGeneral
El-Shaddai - EnoughIsaiah 96God is enough and more. In His we find everything we need.Providence
Having Enough
AdultsGeneralDick Emery
Enthusiastic PeterMatthew 2650-54Peter's actions during Jesus' arrest showed both bravery and foolishness. It all comes back around to his strong faith.FaithGeneralJeff D
Equipped to MinisterLuke 191-10God has equippped you to get involved with people, so you can show them love and Christ.EvangelismGeneralGeneralDarren Bartholomew
Evangelism - Not just a GameMatthew 2816-20God has a simple purpose for our churches, for us.EvangelismGeneralGeneralWABuisman
Everyone needs CompassionMark 8{{{verse}}}CompassionCompassionGeneralGeneral
Finding GodAmos 31-8God is not discovered, He is found.RevelationAdultsGeneralD. Mackey
First and GreatestMatthew 2337-38We are called to be passionate with God like God is passionate for us.Love
Adults, YouthGeneralDarren Bartholomew
Five Words of JesusMark 141-11Worship is using what we have in acts of love for God.WorshipGeneralGeneralDarren Bartholomew
Free of EvilGalatians 13-5We can be free of evil and live in grace and peace, we can be sanctified.SanctificationAdultsGeneralNone Given
Gates of HellMatthew 1613-20When we understand the context of Jesus' stories, they often have more meaningJesus' stories made sense to His listenerGeneralGeneralD. Mackey
Giving Jesus Your PresenceLuke 21-20Slow down and just notice people around you. Give them your ear and your presencePresenceAdultsAdventEdwin Weaver
Giving Jesus our TreasureMatthew 21-10Christmas is a time of giving our treasure to others in the name of Jesus.Treasure
Edwin Weaver
Glory Around UsLuke 29The glory of God is no longer in the temple, but known to us all.Glory
None Given
God Trusted UsLuke 239-40God shows he trusts people with Jesus' birthTrust
GeneralChristmasNone Given
God is a RealistMatthew 548God deals with the real world, what is really possible. And God says "be perfect".Perfection
AdultsGeneralBrian M
God of Second ChancesLuke 15{{{verse}}}The one thing that will make a difference in all you do is to treat everyone like the loving father did.LoveAdultsGeneralDarren Bartholomew
God's Antidote to Fear1 John 417-18Fear does not have a hold on us when we look to Christ and love each other.Fear
GeneralGeneralEdwin Weaver
God's Great Story of ChristmasLuke 126-38God's favor is not given to "great" people, but God's favor makes small people great.Favor
Jeff Mammen
Going for Broke2 Kings 624-7:20What would happen if we took a risk for Christ?Faith
GeneralGeneralSeud O'Nimmy
Going to Church makes you a ChristianRomans 109,10,13Going to church does not make you a Christian.SalvationChildrenGeneralNone Given
Gold Panning for Truth2 Timothy 316The Bible is good history and therefore so is its theology.Truth
Adults, YouthGeneralD. Mackey
Gospel People are Grateful PeoplePhilippians 11-11We are to be thankful in all things because we can see grace pouring over everything.ThankfulnessGeneralJeff Mammen
Grace Welcomes the UnworthyLuke 414-21We find grace when we come to Jesus and honestly admit we are nobodies.GraceGeneralGeneralJeff Mammen
Great Banquet, TheLuke 1412-24Accepting God's invitation for your lifeEnjoying GodGeneralGeneralWABuisman
He Cannot Save HimselfMatthew 2742As Christ did not rely on homself when he died, so we must not rely on ourselves to live.SalvationAdultsGood FridayGeorge Lyons
Healing Inside FirstLuke 517-30Get forgiven and healed inside first, the outside stuff can come laterHealing
Adults, YouthGeneralBrian M
His Name is JesusMatthew 118-25Jesus means God saves and in the hardest times that's just what God does.Salvation
AdultsChristmasJeff Mammen
Hope in the DarkIsaiah 710-16God risked himself on us, we can risk ourself on God.Faith
None Given
How Extravagent is the Father's Love for UsEzekiel 322-5:17We are to be radically different than the world, showing the message of God in us.Evangelism
AdultsGeneralEdwin Weaver
How to Fall DownGenesis 31-8Satan plants seeds of mistrust to take us from God, the cross invites us to trust again.Sin
GeneralGeneralJeff Mammen
How's Your Love Life?Philippians 19-11True worship is offering our very existence to the God we love, growing in that love and having that love manifest itself in our daily lives.WorshipAdultsGeneralGeorge Lyons
Hungry for JesusJohn 624-35We can have spiritual eating disorders too, but God wants us to be healthy and filled with the love of Christ.Spiritual HealthGeneralGeneralWABuisman
I AM... with youJohn 148-27God is with us, supporting usTrinity
GeneralGeneralNone Given
Jehovah - Jireh, ProviderGenesis 221-14God wants to be who we turn to for our provision in life.ProvisionGeneralGeneralDick Emery
Jehovah - Rohi, ShepherdPsalm 231-6We find contentment only when we accept God as our shepherdContentment
GeneralGeneralDick Emery
Jehovah - Rophe, HealerJohn 51-15God wants to be the healer of every aspect of your life.HealingAdultsGeneralDick Emery
Jeshua - SaviorMatthew 118-25Jesus brought all we need, embodies all we need as a savior.JesusGeneralAdventDick Emery
Jesus Ends the ExileLuke 31-22Jesus came as the savior of his people, and we are part of the kingdom Jesus built.Covenant
Kingdom of God
GeneralGeneralEdwin Weaver
Joy Comes in the MorningMatthew 2745-54Even in times of trial, we can hold onto our faith and our God.Theodicy
Joyful No Matter WhatPhilippians 112-21With our focus is on Christ in our lives and what awaits us, we can retain our joy in anything.JoyGeneralGeneralDarren Bartholomew
Keeping a Spirit of HopeMatthew 935-36Without hope we will never fully know God or God's love for us.HopeGeneralGeneralSeud O'Nimmey
Kingdom ComeLuke 111-2Join in with what God is doing. Prayer is making God's will real here.PrayerAdultsGeneralBrian M
Lay it DownGenesis 820No matter where we are we can leave our hard things in life to God.Altar
Learning to ListenActs 527-33We need to learn to pick out God's voice from among others, so we can follow God before all othersObedienceGeneralGeneralBrian M
Let the One Who Has Ears to Hear take Heed!Luke 81-15We must not hoard the seeds of life others have given us, but sow them for others.Evangelism
GeneralGeneralEdwin Weaver
Let the Waters FlowEzekiel 471-14We are not made holy just for ourselves, but to bless the world around us.New Temple
AdultsGeneralEdwin Weaver
Living a Resurrected LifeLuke 2413-35Christ makes us a new creation right here and right now, restoring what was broken.New CreationAdultsEdwin Weaver
Lostness and a Tale of Three SonsLuke 151-32God's love for us is unquenchable.Love
AdultGeneralDick Emery
Loved Forward1 Peter 13-9We are to grow towards the imperishable, with hope that change will come.Transformation
GeneralJeff Mammen
Making FreewaysMark 13We cannot save anyone, but we can straighten the path for God to work.Salvation
Free Will
GeneralGeneralNone Given
MiraclesExodus 145-31You find the miracles you look for. You can choose to make something significant or to let it slide by.MiraclesYouth, adultGeneralBrian M
Motivation1 Timothy, 1 John, John 63,3, 1:35-39How to become motivated to come to church and follow Christ, to be righteous, to grow and obtain grace, in order to be save and obtain the kingdom of GodRighteousness
Kingdom of God
Youh, Adults
Nothing to Divide UsEphesians 211-22No matter what tries to divide us into little groups, we are ONE in Christ.UnityYouthGeneralBrian M
Obeying AuthorityMatthew 261-18Even Jesus obeyed authorityObedienceChildrenGeneral
Palm SundayMatthew 211-11Christ's entrance into Jerusalem was prophesized to the dayPalm SundayGeneralPalm SundayD. Mackey
Palm Sunday 2Luke 1928-40Jesus knew what he was doing that SundayPalm SundayGeneralPalm SundayDavid Mackey
Palm Sunday 3Luke 1928-48Jesus knew what He was doing entering JerusalemPalm SundayGeneralPalm SundayDavid Mackey
Pentecost OpennessActs 21-48Jesus' life story can be the story that drives our lives and brings us to God.Holy Spirit
Life Stories
GeneralPentecostJeff Mammen
People Don't ChangeEcclesiastes 11-3:22Only Jesus can change peopleChangeAdultsGeneralD. Mackey
Personal SlaveryJohn 831-38One sin makes us a slave to it, we need freedom from Christ.Slavery
GeneralGeneralBrian M
Peter Enthusiastically Denies Jesus 3 TimesMark 1466-72Keeping his "track record" of enthusiasm, Peter vehemently denies Jesus three times...only to weep at his ignorance.Lack of FaithGeneralGeneralJeff D
Peter Enthusiastically Proclaims Jesus as the ChristMark 827-30Even as a grown man, Peter had a child-like faith in Jesus and proclaimed Him to be the Christ.FaithfulnessGeneralGeneralJeff D
Peter Enthusiastically Seeks Jesus and Is "Reinstated"John 211-20Even though Peter made the huge mistake of denying Jesus, he is accepted back with "open arms".ForgivenessGeneralGeneralJeff D
Peter Enthusiastically Witnesses the TransfigurationMark 92-8As a Christian, Peter was very excited and passionate about all that he was witnessing. This is the kind of attitudes that all Christians (young and old alike) need to have.PassionGeneralGeneralJeff D
Polish Your PurityRevelation 212-17We need God to seek out where we have compromised our purity.Compromise
AdultsGeneralDick Emery
Power Along the WayPhilippians 413God will step in and work if you stake the first steps on faith.Faith
Spiritual Strength
AdultsGeneralSeud O'Nimmy
Prepare the WayLuke 31-6We are to prepare the way for God, not the other way around.PreparationAdultsBrian M
Preparing For BabyLuke 21-20Christmas is about getting our lives ready for a new babyPreparationAdultsChristmasNone Given
Reaching for the Goal LinePhilippians 312-14God lays goals on our hearts and we are to press on to God.GoalsAdultsSeud O'Nimmy
Redeeming RuthRuth 310-18Boaz wanted to redeeem Ruth, God wants to redeem usRedeemerGeneralGeneralBrian M
Reject FearRevelation 28-11Satan is limited, defeated and God is not. We don't have to be afraid.FearAdultsGeneralDick Emery
Rejoicing while you Suffer Grief1 Peter 13-9We have resaon to praise God in even the darkest of times.Mourning
AdultsGeorge Lyons
Rekindle PassionRevelation 314-22self-sufficiency is the death of passion. It can be reborn through putting our value in Christ.Passion
AdultsGeneralDick Emery
Renew Your LoveRevelation 21-7Our good works need to come from our love for God.Love
AdultsGeneralDick Emery
Resurrection FreedomJohn 2010-18We aren't to look for the dead Jesus, but the risen one who brings us home.ResurrectionAdultsEasterJeff Mammen
Run for Freedom1 Corinthians 57With Christ as our Passover lamb, we too must flee bondage for our livesSalvation
GeneralGeneralNone Given
Salt and LightMatthew 513-16We are to get close to this falling world so they can see things clearly and be preserved.Light
GeneralGeneralJeff Mammen
Seeing in the DarkLuke 620-28You can be blessed and at peace in this world if you let go and let God lead you.Light
AdultsGeneralBrian M
Selfishness and PrideActs 432-37We are to live in radical selflessness, giving to each otherGrace
GeneralGeneralBrian M
Serpents and dovesMatthew 105-16Be cautious, wise and gentle in this world.Be wise as serpents/gentle as dovesGeneralGeneralD. Mackey
Seven Truths from Exodus 3-4Exodus 31-4:14Whatever God calls us to do, we are the best choice for it, need to do it, and God will make up the difference in us.CallingAdultsGeneralSeud O'Nimmy
Sexual Purity1 Corinthians 618-20Learn What God's standards are for our sexualitySexual PurityYouthGeneralWABuisman
Simeon and Anna: An example of PatienceLuke 222-40God has started a new thing, but it isn't done yet, there is still much to pray for and mourn over.Patience
AdultsAdventEdwin Weaver
Sin in the campJoshua 71-26Is there sin in your campForgivenessAdults, YouthGeneralD. Mackey
Speaking ClearlyActs 41-15Our lives attract people to hear about God. That is our first witnessEvangelismGeneralGeneralBrian M
Stand SteadfastRevelation 218-29If we accomodate and compromise we will rot away. As a Church we should standfast and practice tough love.Compromise
AdultsGeneralDick Emery
StandingEphesians 611-14We can only survive this life by standing where God puts us.ObedienceAdultsGeneralBrian M
Standing Up for GodDaniel 38-30Standing up for God in an un-godly CultureWitness
Still GodPsalm 81-9We’re humans and will always be error prone humans. God is God and loves and forgives us anyway.Human Nature
GeneralGeneralD. Mackey
Surprising Good NewsLuke 21-20Appearances are deceiving. All that matters is that God is there.SurprisesAdultsChristmasGeorge Lyons
Sword TrainingEphesians 617-18Prayer cannot be something we only do with our eyes closed but a way of life.TeamworkGeneralGeneralBrian M
Take It UpEphesians 610-20We have incredible spiritual possibilities before us, but we have to use them.Growth
GeneralGeneralBrian M
Teen Purity: Consequences1 Corinthians 72-4To help Teens weigh the consequences of Sexual ImmoralitySexual PurityYouthGeneralWABuisman
Teen Purity: GirlsSong of Solomon 27Help Teenage Girls Understand God's Standard for themSexual PurityYouth, GirlsGeneralWABuisman
Teen Purity: Temptation1 Corinthians 1012-13How Teens can live Sexually PureTemptationYouthGeneralWABuisman
Test the Spirits1 John1-6False teachers are with us, how to sort them outChecking who's a ChristianAdults, youthGeneralD. Mackey
Testudo of FaithEphesians 616As Christians, we are made to support and take care of each otherFaith
GeneralGeneralBrian M
Thanks for the Small ThingsLuke 910-17When we have the least is when we most need to be giving thanks to God.ThankfulnessAdultsGeneralBrian M
The Cure for HurryitisLuke 1213-21We must invest our time in what and who are important or we will lose them.TimeAdultsGeneralSeud O'Nimmey
The Day Jesus DiedLuke 2326-49Salvation is available to all of us, if we embrace his death.SalvationAdultsSeud O'Nimmy
The GiftLuke 146-55Jesus coming is the one gift God couldn't afford, it truly shows love.Love
GeneralChristmasNone Given
The Gift of SightJohn 91-41Christ heals us so that we will work for the needs of others with what we have.ServiceGeneralGeneralGeorge Lyons
The Great ReversalLuke 21-20Through God, the smallest thing can be bigger than an empire.Value
GeneralChristmasBrian M
The High Price of SilencePsalm 321-11Hiding our sins never works, but confession will bring happiness.ConfessionGeneralGeneralDick Emery
The Jesus we Need to KnowMark 1115-18You are the temple of the living God, made to have relationship with Him.HolinessAdultsGeneralSeud O'Nimmy
The King who Conquers by DyingJohn 1212-26Jesus does not save us how we want Him to, but how we need Him to.Trust
AdultsPalm SundayJeff Mammen
The Nature of GodPhilippians 22-8Jesus emptied himself not in spite of being God, but because he was God.Sacrifice
GeneralGeneralNone Given
The Promise of PentecostActs 21-40Pentecost birthed the Church, and empowered the people to be the obedient people of God they could never be before.ObedienceGeneralPentecostGeorge Lyons
The RacePhilippians 38-16Sin breaks us, but God's grace steadily restores us to true humanity.Grace
GeneralGeneralJeff Mammen
The RobeGenesis 371-36Jealousy can destroy a family. As parents we are to share our love uniquely to each child.Parenting
AdultsGeneralSeud O'Nimmy
The Seven Demotions of ChristPhilippians 25-11We are to surrender our lives to the father's purposes, just like Christ.Humility
AdultsGeneralSeud O'Nimmy
The ShemaDeuteronomy 64-5The Shema is the basis, the foundation of our faithGodAdultGeneralD. Mackey
The Sickness Within: Pride1 Peter 55Pride seperates us from God and others.PrideAdultsGeneralDarren Bartholomew
The Triumphal EntryMark 111-11Christ is making his triumphal entry today and everyone will make a decision about him. What will yours be?Life ChangeGeneralDarren Bartholomew
The Way Up is DownPhilippians 21-11A community of believers is strong when we take on Jesus' humilityCommunity
GeneralGeneralJeff Mammen
Timing is EverythingActs 826-40If you need to do something with God, do it here and now. Don't wait.Action
GeneralGeneralBrian M
Tried to see JesusLuke 97-9To Jesus, all people are of equal importance, and they should be to us too.EvangelismGeneralGeneralBrian M
Trying Templates OutActs 82xcCrucifixion
sdAdventyour name
TurbulanceRomans 129-21How much turbulence do you leave behindForgiveness
living in peach
GeneralGeneralDavid Mackey
Unstoppable David1 Samuel 171-51If God has called you, He has equipped you. So do it.EquippingAdultsGeneralSeud O'Nimmey
Unstoppable MissionLuke 1516We have a mission as the Church. Everything we do needs to be about that mission.Church
AdultsGeneralSeud O'Nimmey
Unwanted BlessingsLuke 146-48Having Jesus didn't seem like a blessing, but Mary rejoiced in faith.Blessings
AdultsChristmasNone Given
Victory over Hidden Things in our Lives2 Kings 51-14God can deliver you from the hidden sin in your life.Humility
AdultsGeneralSeud O'Nimmy
Walking in ObedienceLuke 923Mary and Joseph surrendered their rights in order to serve God. We must follow God with the same passion.Obedience
Waves of FearLuke 826-39We are not alone, the demons are, only fear can stop usFearAdultsGeneralBrian M
What Do we Do When No One is Looking?Ezekiel 2037God follows His covenant, and will never abandon loving us back into it ourselves.CovenantAdultsGeneralEdwin Weaver
What Love Can DoRuth 11-22God is at work in even the worst circumstances of our life, through the people around us and the seemingly ordinary things of life.Theodicy
AdultGeneralGeorge Lyons
What Makes Love Last1 Peter 122-25God lovingly entered our lives and as that love grows in us we can enter others' lives and love them too.LoveAdultsGeneralJeff Mammen
What a Disciples Valued MostMatthew 1032-42Our self-worth is found in how significant we are to Jesus and He is to us.Self-Identity
GeneralGeneralJeff Mammen
What shall I Do?Luke 161-13What we have is really God's and is to be used wisely to further God's work.GivingAdultsGeorge Lyons
Where is God Now?Ezekiel 11-28God doesn't need a sacred place, he makes the place, and us, sacred.Immanence
AdultsGeneralEdwin Weaver
Why is there a need for forgiveness?Mark 1122-26People will understand why there is a need for forgiveness.ForgivenessAdultsGeneral
Will It BlendLuke 1233-34Can we, as Christians, buy into the cultural idea of materialism?MaterialismChildrenGeneral
Your PurposeMark 1111-26Helping preteens to find their identity in Christ. What God wants from them and why they were created.God's purpose for our liveschildren/youthGeneral
Zoe - LifeJohn 111-44Jesus is Life, come to bring life and overcome fear and even death itselfLife
AdultsEasterDick Emery