Making Freeways

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Making Freeways
Text: Mark 1:3
Occasion: General
Audience: General
Theological Tradition: Wesleyan
Topic: Salvation, Free Will
Author: None Given


We cannot save anyone, but we can straighten the path for God to work.

How to Get There

  • In Isaiah 40:3, the prophet calls out to “prepare the way of the LORD”, prepare the way for our God in other words.
  • John the Baptist calls out the same, prepare the way for our God. There was no question, no wondering about what Jesus was for John. Jesus was God come to Earth.
  • And yet this God with us, this miracle of divinity among us, this Messiah and savior, needed help. It was not John who was preparing the way, at least John alone.
  • It was John who was calling out for us to prepare the way, a job that still lingers far after John himself died.
  • We prepare the way for God to work, make it easier or harder for God to reach someone.
  • We are to make straight the paths for our God. We cannot save someone, but we can sure make it easier for people to accept God, or we can make it much more difficult.
  • Are we straightening or curving God's paths to people?
  • We should be working, not to save, but to make freeways in tpeople's lives around us, to where God can move right in and work.

Things to Watch For

  • This is a sermon, based on a quote from another book. But it is the emphasis placed here on Jesus as fulfilling this quotation that makes it important.
  • We have a tendency to see John as preparing the way, or Jesus, or the way already here. But John calls others to prepare the way for Jesus, and that means us. See the commentary on Mark 1 for more information.

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