Luke: Advent to Easter

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Luke: Advent to Easter
Length of Series 15
Intended Audience General
Setting Sunday morning

Goal for this Series

To take readers through the entire life story of Jesus through the book of Luke.

Unifying Characteristics

This series starts with the first Sunday of Advent at the beginning of Luke and works sequentially through the book of Luke until Easter. Many believers have never been presented with the entire story of Jesus life, let alone from a single book and this series is designed to help people see Jesus' life story and how it works into the Church year.

Things to Consider

The timing of Easter is variable each year. So sometimes this series will be way too short and sometimes it might be a little short. If there are too many, take them out of the middle instead of from the end, as the first 7 messages are about Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany, while the last seven are designed for Lent and Easter.

Some of these messages align with the assigned passages from the Lectionary, but not many. Year C of the Lectionary focuses on Luke, but does not always maintain the passages in a sequential order and so this series diverges regularly.

As there is a big gap in Luke from Luke 19 (Palm Sunday) to Luke 24 (Easter) it is recommended that you cover some passages from that section in the interweek services, especially the last supper in a Good Friday service. Another good option of covering that material is to go back after Easter and cover it from Easter to Pentecost.

Messages that Belong to this Series

Dive InLuke 15-25Fear is a normal part of following God, but dive in anyway and serve.Fear
None Given
The GiftLuke 146-55Jesus coming is the one gift God couldn't afford, it truly shows love.Love
None Given
Glory Around UsLuke 29The glory of God is no longer in the temple, but known to us all.Glory
None Given
Preparing For BabyLuke 21-20Christmas is about getting our lives ready for a new babyPreparationNone Given
The Great ReversalLuke 21-20Through God, the smallest thing can be bigger than an empire.Value
Brian M
God Trusted UsLuke 239-40God shows he trusts people with Jesus' birthTrust
None Given
Prepare the WayLuke 31-6We are to prepare the way for God, not the other way around.PreparationBrian M
Healing Inside FirstLuke 517-30Get forgiven and healed inside first, the outside stuff can come laterHealing
Brian M
Seeing in the DarkLuke 620-28You can be blessed and at peace in this world if you let go and let God lead you.Light
Brian M
Waves of FearLuke 826-39We are not alone, the demons are, only fear can stop usFearBrian M
Tried to see JesusLuke 97-9To Jesus, all people are of equal importance, and they should be to us too.EvangelismBrian M
Thanks for the Small ThingsLuke 910-17When we have the least is when we most need to be giving thanks to God.ThankfulnessBrian M
Do Not Stop on the WayLuke 101-12We have a mission from God and nothing, not even good things, should distract us from that.MissionBrian M
Kingdom ComeLuke 111-2Join in with what God is doing. Prayer is making God's will real here.PrayerBrian M
Disbanding ArmiesLuke 112-4Forgiveness is letting go, and we have to do it to know we are forgivenForgivenessBrian M

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