Ludicrous Lava Lake

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Ludicrous Lava Lake
Topic Teamwork, Problem Solving
Group Size 1-10
Prep Time 0-20 min
Setting Anywhere
Age Group Youth
The Point Learn the necessity of each other and proper tools in this Life.

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Supplies Needed

  • About 10 (1 for every person) Rubber Discs about 1 foot in diameter or paper plates. The smaller the more challenging to the team. If you want to provide a greater challenge to your team, then you can give them less discs than there are people.
  • Tape, rope or cones to mark the boundaries.

How to Set Up

  • Set-up a "Lava Lake" by marking out the boundaries with the tape, rope or cones. The lake should be about 2 yards long for every team member.
  • Divide into teams of about 10.
  • Hand out the rubber discs or paper plates to the team leader.

What Happens Then

  • Gather the team(s) around and explain that they are trapped on the edge of the volcano and that the ground is giving away beneath them in 5 minutes. They must cross the Ludicrous Lava Lake in that time or they'll perish.
  • However, they can't just walk on lava; so you've given them special ceramic tiles that are impervious to the molten magma.
  • They must get everyone from one side to the Lava Lake to the other.
  • Anyone who touches the Lava Lake is automatically injured. If the foot touches, then they cannot use that foot, etc.
  • No one is ever "dead" and no one gets left behind.

Sometimes I will follow this experience up with a discussion on the pitfalls of the world and sin.

  • What are the dangers to you in this life?
  • Why are they dangerous and what are the consequences?
  • How can you help each other avoid those dangers?
  • Would it be possible to safely cross the lake without the tools of the ceramic tiles?
  • How is that similar to the tools that God has given you, like the bible, prayer, and each other.

Possible Problems

  • You will probably need to adapt this games rules and provisions to make it appropriately challenging to your group. If you try a version of this game and it is too easy or too hard, then just tell them that you are going to round 2 and adjust the rules accordingly. You can do that by:
    • Changing the number of plates.
    • Changing the Time to get across.
    • Changing the width of the lake.
    • Changing how strict you are with mistakes like touching the lake.
    • Having a "Lava Loon" throwing magma balls (nerf or dodgeballs) at the group while they're crossing.
    • "Adding" or "Healing" disabilities and injuries. It can be fun for an older group to add in someone who can't use their legs, is blind, or mute.

As always be aware of your surroundings and possible injuries. The game can wait while you move some tables and chairs a little further. Also, their "creative solutions" could involve a high degree of injury. Be involved in the process to help minimize these risks.

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