Loved Forward

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Loved Forward
Text: 1 Peter 1:3-9
Occasion: Lent
Audience: General
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Transformation, Hope
Author: Jeff Mammen


We are to grow towards the imperishable, with hope that change will come.

How to Get There

  • When we are saved, God starts doing something in our life that is meant to be continued through the rest of our lives.
  • Sometimes we get stuck in our faith, we just stop growing whether through accident or through our own choice.
  • As we start falling back into sin and we keep asking for forgiveness we can start to think that God is loving us a little less now because we have sinned so often.
  • But Jesus' restoration of fallen Peter tells us that isn't true. God's love for us never diminishes.
  • That's why Peter starts this saying that through Jesus' mercy we have hope.
  • Do we allow ourselves to be loved by God? We get a whole new life in this rebirth with possibilities and a future.
  • This new life isn't based on how well we act but how much we allow ourselves to be loved by God.
  • And this love keeps us moving, growing, into our living hope. But often we are kept from that growth and living hope.
    • Sometimes we are kept from this by having dead hope, hope that is placed in the wrong things and the wrong areas, especially if we look to ourselves for our hope.
    • Sometimes we have lost the message that Christ is alive, with power over the world and our enemy.
    • Finally, we can get stuck because we think we have explored everything about faith and you're dissatisfied. But there is always more, and more lasting treasures up above.
  • We are supposed to become imperishable, un-spoilable, and die-fast.
  • Are we that sort of person? Are we doing things that are imperishable, that have forever worth? Mostly we have to answer no.
  • But we have a hope that one day we will be like that and right now we can start that movement, becoming more like who we will one day be.
  • We have to be discontent with where we are now, honest about where we are now, and hope to the future, press on to the future through everything that comes.

Things to Watch For

The Lenton connection is with the inwards looking elements to see what sort of a person we really are and to push forwards to what is still to come.

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