Let the One Who Has Ears to Hear take Heed!

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Let the One Who Has Ears to Hear take Heed!
Text: Luke 8:1-15
Occasion: General
Audience: General
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Evangelism, Discipleship
Author: Edwin Weaver


We must not hoard the seeds of life others have given us, but sow them for others.

How to Get There

  • “He who ear to hear let him hear” is a way of saying “this is extremely important pay attention.”
  • The Message puts it as “don't become misers with what you hear.” We have been saved by a gift, by Jesus and by someone who first gave us that saving word.
  • If we don't share that word that we have heard we are misers, we are selfish.
  • We are to sow. Don't worry about whether the ground is hard or not. That's not our worry, just go out and do it.
  • We are not to hoard what we have heard, but pass it on. That is clear, but the question is “how?”
  • There are a lot of problems that can get in the way of someone growing up in Chris.
    • Birds can snatch up seeds. There is good and evil, this is a spiritual battle. We need to be people of prayer. Pray for people we want to reach.
    • The ground is hard, people's hearts are so hard nothing can pierce them. People have been hurt by believers, have seen hypocrisy and failures.
    • The roots can go deep, we don't have community. Someone grows and without roots just wither with the first problem.
    • The worries grow up around us and choke us up.
    • But sometimes we grow and it is beautiful.
  • Finally, the parable says that the mature believer bears fruit. If there is no fruit, there is no maturity.
  • This parable assumes we scatter seeds randomly. What if we plant smartly? Find what is keeping someone from having a seed growing in them and live to prepare their soil and nurture their faith to grow strong.
  • We do our part to prepare the soil around us, but in the end we need to bear fruit, and fruit contains seeds to be sown that is fruit's purpose.
  • More than anything else, we are not to hoard the word we have been given, but share it freely and not as misers.

Things to Watch For

This message is based in part on the wording of this passage in Eugene Peterson's "Message" paraphrase. This is not a true translation and so should be looked at a little more cautiously than some others, but is quite good in this case.

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