Learning to Listen

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Learning to Listen
Text: Acts 5:27-33
Occasion: General
Audience: General
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Obedience
Author: Brian M


We need to learn to pick out God's voice from among others, so we can follow God before all others

How to Get There

  • The disciples had been trained from birth, their parents and their parents before them as well, to obey the priesthood.
  • The disciples wanted to follow God, and the priesthood had the connection to God, right?
  • And yet the high priest and everyone with him is telling them to stop talking, exactly what the angel told them to do. The religious and spiritual leader of your people is telling you you're wrong when we do as you believe Christ told you.
  • That is split priorities. We have that too. Parents, jobs, church, friends, school, being popular or maintaining an image, all these things are calling to us, pulling us in different directions.
  • The disciples obeyed the angel and taught, but also obeyed the priests when they asked the disciples to come back in.
  • They obeyed man, but the key is verse 29. "We must obey God over people."
  • There was no compromise on this issue. People would be obeyed as long as it didn't go against God.
  • When you are surrounded by voices calling out to you, we listen to those we recognize best.
  • We automatically listen and follow people around us. When we play games instead of doing devotions, we are listening. When we spend extra time on our job and not with our Lord, we are following a call. Who are we lsitening to? Where you spend your time will show you who you are listening to.
  • We need to know God's voice, be used to listening to it in order to pick it out from all the different things calling out for our time and attention in life.
  • We need to spend time with God so we can know His voice and respond with confidence when something else gets in the way, "it is necessary to obey God rather than people."

Things to Watch For

There is a great game that can go with this if it's a youth or children's event. You have two teams. Each team picks one person and gives them a water gun. The two champions are blindfolded and put between the two teams. The idea is that the two teams yell out instructions to their champions, who attempt to soak each other while blindfolded. The first one to soak the other wins and new champions are chosen.

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This Message is part 4 of A Faith's Beginnings message series.