Lay it Down

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Lay it Down
Text: Genesis 8:20
Occasion: General
Audience: General
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Altar, sacrifice
Author: Mike Kipp


No matter where we are we can leave our hard things in life to God.

How to Get There

  • An altar in the OT was a pile of rocks laid down by one of God's people for a variety of reasons.
    • Noah “Laid them down” in worship & thanks as he stepped on dry land after spending weeks in the ark. Genesis 8:20
    • Abram “Laid them down” in excited expectation after God told him his offspring would possess the promised land. Genesis 12:7,8
    • Abraham “Laid them down” when He needed God, called on Him. Genesis 13:4, 18
    • Abraham “Laid them down” in obedience and trust when God told him to sacrifice Isaac his one & only son. Genesis 22:9
    • Isaac “Laid them down” when He needed assurance. Genesis 26:25
    • Jacob “Laid them down” in distress fleeing from his brother Esau. Genesis 35:1,3,7
  • Whether we are thankful like Noah, or ready to step out on faith like Abraham, or like Jacob need purifying, an altar is a place where we place our hard things down before God.
  • Because God's burden is not hard, it is not heavy. We can leave our burdens there and leave them.

Things to Watch For

There are 12 references of "altar" in the NIV in Genesis, in 11 verses.

  • Most of those uses are mentioned above. The other reference is more complicated and found in Genesis 33:20.
  • Altar references outside of Genesis become rather complicated as it is not only the improvisational altar of praise, but also the more "classical" altar of sacrifice within the temple.

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