Keeping a Spirit of Hope

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Keeping a Spirit of Hope
Text: Matthew 9:35-36
Occasion: General
Audience: General
Theological Tradition: Wesleyan
Topic: Hope
Author: Seud O'Nimmey


Without hope we will never fully know God or God's love for us.

How to Get There

  • Jesus saw that whole crowds of people were in trouble. They were harassed, had given up like sheep. They had lost hope.
  • We’re born with hope, just look at a baby. But life can damage that hope.
  • We are taught that our hope should be in ourselves, but that’s not true.
    • Hope based on positive feedback changes too quickly.
    • We lose our hope very easily when it’s based on life around us. What does it take to ruin your day? One bad driver? No coffee?
  • True hope is only based on our faith and trust in God, not in our circumstances.
    • Our foundation of hope is found in knowing God and God’s character.
    • It is a confident expectation in an all-knowing and all-loving God.
  • Because God loves us, because Christ died for us, and because Christ is coming again for us, we can have hope in the future and that God is at work for us.
  • Many people still lose hope, though, and that can have horrible consequences.
    • Without hope, we lose direction and confidence in life.
    • Without hope we develop a spirit of negativity, feelings of isolation and a sense of victimhood.
    • Without hope we will make a pattern of giving up.
    • Without hope, we won’t ever experience the life that God dreams for us to have.
  • Hope is not what is happening around us. Hope is not being a sheep. Hope is what we receive with Christ’s death on the cross because our hope is found in that Christ is alive and Christ will return.

Things to Watch For

This cannot be allowed to become a message simply about pumping ourselves up to feel good about ourselves.

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