Joyful No Matter What

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Joyful No Matter What
Text: Philippians 1:12-21
Occasion: General
Audience: General
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Joy
Author: Darren Bartholomew


With our focus is on Christ in our lives and what awaits us, we can retain our joy in anything.

How to Get There

  • Life was falling apart for Paul. He was in jail for two years, chained to a guard, while he writes this.
  • Paul was beaten and stoned, nearly killed and falsely imprisoned on many occassions. But he keeps his joy.
  • Life can always get worse, but we can still maintain our joy.
  • Instead of asking "why me" we need to ask "now what?" What is God doing with this? What does God want to show me? What does God want to do right now?
    • Paul sees his chains as a way of advancing the gospel. He keeps his eyes on God's movement in his life.
    • What are our chains? they could provide us with an opportunity like Paul's.
  • We let the little things steal our joy, by stealing our focus away from God and placing it on ourselves and our own power.
  • What we do in the bad times has huge ripple effects in your life.
  • Paul focuses (vs 21) on Christ, and that is his joy. Whatever happens, let Christ be glorified.
  • When we focus on other things, they keep us from speaking along with Paul, and rejoicing because whatever happens our lives we are ready to let God be glorified through it.

Things to Watch For

Note that not all of the ideas presented are claimed to be original with this message.

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