Jeshua - Savior

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Jeshua - Savior
Text: Matthew 1:18-25
Occasion: Advent
Audience: General
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Jesus
Author: Dick Emery


Jesus brought all we need, embodies all we need as a savior.

How to Get There

  • Jesus came as a very common name at the time. It was the same Hebrew name as Joshua, their great hero. Jesus' beginnings were a lot more humble than almost any other person with that name too.
  • ”Jesus” meant savior, and while there were thousands of people with his name around them, we only remember His. Jesus embodied the name unlike anyone else ever has or ever will.
  • Jesus brought meaning to the name, the name did not bring meaning or significance to Jesus.
    • There is a mystery about that name. How did God become man, how did the Holy Spirit bring this Jesus about?
    • This was a purposeful naming. God chose it for his son to embody.
    • There is a hope of salvation in that name. We are all depraved, needing saving. But Christ is savior, he can change that.
  • If we rely on Jesus we have provision in that name too. We are provided for.
  • All we need to be saved, to be changed, is provided for us through Jesus.
  • We are not missing a savior, Jesus embodies it. Jesus is our savior in every sense Jesus is what we need.

Things to Watch For

There is a difference between worshipping our Lord, finding truth about Jesus' nature in his name and worshipping the name itself. We can easily degenerate into using Jesus' name as a magic talisman and that is not the point here. Let the name point you to the person.

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This Message is part 4 of Signatures message series.