Jehovah - Rohi, Shepherd

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Jehovah - Rohi, Shepherd
Text: Psalm 23:1-6
Occasion: General
Audience: General
Theological Tradition: Wesleyan
Topic: Contentment, Shepherd
Author: Dick Emery


We find contentment only when we accept God as our shepherd

How to Get There

  • Shepherds have an important place in the Bible. Abraham and his children were shepherds. Moses was a shepherd, as was king David.
  • Shepherds also show up as a regular theological reference as God wants to be our personal shepherd.
  • Psalm 23 can be summed up by "contentment." It is a Psalm that shows how content the sheep are under their shepherd.
  • By saying that God is our shepherd, it is also saying that we are sheep and that God owns us.
    • God created us, God owns us like an author owns his work.
    • By saying that God owns us we are also saying that we have worth to God, we are made by God and therefore made with a purpose and with great care.
    • We are cherished objects created within God's plan and with God's great skill.
    • And we were created with such value that God came and redeemed us. He owns us twice.
  • This Psalm also implies Lordship of God over us, that we are God's subjects and depend on God.
  • Sheep are assumed to be stupid, but they aren't. Sheep are quite intelligent, their problem is that they are very self-absorbed abnd fickle. They have a talent for trouble and really only function under someone else. They seek someone out to follow, whether another sheep, a dog, or a person.
  • We need guidance and someone over us as well. We spend all our life wondering if we're worth anything, wondering what we're missing and seeking something more.
  • But when we have God over us, as our shepherd, we find the contentment in this Psalm. It is a return to Eden as it once was, contented with our God.
  • The goal is to get where we can say "God is my shepherd, that's all I want."

Things to Watch For

This is one of the most famous passages in the entire Bible. Because of that, there will be a lot of ideas and thoughts that people come to the passage with. Those will need to be dealt with before a new perspective on the famous Psalm can be presented.

Shepherds and sheep as also elements that a lot of people have heard about but often very different and misleading ideas. These too will need to be dealt with. Bringing in quote from actual shepherds or even someone who raises them can help with this.

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