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More and more we are becoming a visual culture. The written word still has power, but people are expecting to see as well as hear anymore. Unfortunately, many of us simply do ot have the resources, the skills, or the time to develop images for service in our churches. We can swipe them off the internet, but most pictures we take that way are illegal, removed and used without the creator's permission. This section of the site strives to help with that. Please note that not all images on this site need to be on this page, only those that would be usable for more purposes.

All of the images you'll find here are used with permission from the creator and you can reproduce and modify them for use in the church as long as you do not attempt to sell them, sell anything you use them in, or remove the creator's mark from them. Other than that, if you can use it for your ministry please do. These were all created to be used within the Church.

If you have an image that you have taken or created yourself, or that you have permission of the creator to share, please see our Uploading Images page.

This list is sorted by title of the file. For a sortable list including artist, occasion, and description, see Sortable Images. You can also search images by grouping:

Architectural Images: Any buildings or man made structures.

Animal Images: Pictures or drawings of animals.

Biblical Images: Pictures of places, people, or stories contained in the Bible.

Landscape Images: Pictures of a wider view, whether of nature or man-made objects

Nature Images: Images of plants and nature.

People Images: Anything of people, at work, play or still.

Special Occasion Images: Holidays, birthdays, special event related images.

Worship Images: Images created for use IN worship services, ie for powerpoints, announcements, sermon introductions, etc.

Other Images: Everything else that doesn't fit elsewhere.

168 The Final Week of Jesus' Life.png, 4 Lepers outside the Gate of Samaria .jpg, A New Day.jpg, A Wees Bar 1.jpg, Abraham's Journeys - GitW.png, Ancient Archway.jpg, Angel Falls.JPG, Antique Door Latch.jpg, Aphrodesias Ruins.JPG, Artemis Statue.JPG, Babylonian and Persian Empires.jpg, Beavertail Cactus.jpg, Belt of Truth.jpg, Birds MM.jpg, Boat at Lakside.JPG, Breastplate of Righteousness.jpg, Bridge at Dusk.JPG, Bulrush-flag MM.jpg, Cabo Beach.jpg, Cabo Sunset Waves.jpg, Cabo Sunset.jpg, Cabo Waves.jpg, Camel MW.jpg, Camels in the Desert.jpg, Campbell Lake.jpg, Canyon Floor.jpg, Cappadocia Caves.JPG, Cappadocia.JPG, Cathedral Ceiling.jpg, Chairs.jpg, Christian Tomb.JPG, Christmas Tree.JPG, Church of St John.JPG, Church podium.jpeg, Church sanctuary.jpeg, Clocktower Face.jpg, Clouds and Light.jpg, Clouds.jpg, Cobblestone Road.jpg, Coeur d'Alene River 2.JPG, Coeur d'Alene River.jpg, Country Lane.JPG, Cross Steeple Silhouette.JPG, Crucifix in Church .jpg, Crucifixion Nail.jpg, Crucifixion Painting.JPG, Dandolion Seeds.JPG,
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, Dates MG.jpg, Dead Sea Scrolls Cave.JPG, Desert Canyons in Winter.jpg, Desert Valley.jpg, Dew Drop Flower Close-up.JPG, Dew on Leaves.JPG, Door Handle.JPG, Door in Israel.JPG, Ephesian Stone Cross.JPG, Esther and Mordecai - Gates of Susa.jpg, Fall Barn.jpg, Fall Cattle Fences.jpg, Fall Colors.jpg, Fall River.jpg, Fig MG.jpg, Fishing at Goat Lake.JPG, Flax MM.jpg, Flower Close Up 2.JPG, Flower Close Up 3.JPG, Flower Close Up.JPG, Forest Canopy.JPG, Forest Panorama.JPG, Forest Road.jpg, Forest Stream.jpg, Fountain in the Forest.jpg, Four Candles.JPG, Foxglove on the Tundra.jpg, Gate of Jericho.jpg, Gate of Sodom.jpg, Girl at the Beach.JPG, Goat in Israel.JPG, Goats Fighting.JPG, Golgotha.JPG, Goreme church.JPG, Grapes MG.jpg, Greek Orthodox Church.jpg, Greek Orthodox Icon.jpg, Greek fishing boat 2.jpg, Greek fishing boat.jpg, Hagar MW.jpg, Hagia Sophia Christ.JPG, Helmet of Salvation.jpg, Homestead in the Fall.jpg, Hope Lake.JPG, I am the Vine - John 15.jpg, ITRZ background.jpg, In the Red Zone.jpg,
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, Jesus' Tomb 2.JPG, Jesus' Tomb Stone Groove.JPG, Jesus' Tomb.JPG,
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, Joseph and Potipher's Wife - MMiP.jpg, Jump Creek Falls 1.jpg, Jump Creek Falls 2.JPG, Jump Creek Falls 3.JPG, Jump Creek Falls 4.JPG, Juniper MM.jpg, Kitten Close Up.jpg, Kitten.JPG, Kluane Lake Yukon Territory.jpg, Koi pond.jpg, Lady with goats.jpg, Lemhi Valley .jpg, Leslie Gulch 3.jpg, Leslie Gulch Night 1.JPG, Leslie Gulch Night 2.jpg, Leslie Gulch Night 3.JPG, Leslie Gulch Night 4.JPG, Leslie Gulch Summer.jpg, Leslie Gulch.jpg, Lightning Stikes a Tower.jpg, Lily of the Valley MM.jpg, Map of Asia Minor.jpg, Mason lake Trail Boulders.JPG, Mirrored Forest Lake.jpg, Monemvasia Castle.jpg, Monemvasian Cliffs.jpg, Mount Rainier.JPG, Mount Shuksan & Picture Lake.jpg, Mountain Lake.jpg, Mountain Peak in Clouds.jpg, Mountain Trail.jpg, Multnomah Falls in Winter.JPG, Mustard Plant MM.jpg, My Father the Gardner.jpg, Myrtle MM.jpg, Oak Tree (MMUT).jpg, Off to War.JPG, Old Church.JPG, Olive Tree.JPG, Olives MG.jpg,
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, Oregon Lighthouse.JPG, Palm Trees.JPG, Paul and Silas - MMiP.jpg, Pelican in flight.jpg, Perspective Forest.JPG, Peter Heals a Lame Man - A Gate Called Beautiful.jpg, Peter and the Angel in prison.jpg, Petroglyphs 1.jpg, Petroglyphs 2.jpg, Petrogylphs 3.jpg, Pine Cones Close-up.JPG, Pipe Organ.jpg, Pool of Bethesda.JPG, Power Along the Way.png, Prague Cathedral 1.JPG, Prague Cathedral 2.jpg, Psalm 1 Tree (MMUT).jpg, Rachel MW.jpg, Rainbow in the Waterfall.jpg, Rainier Summit.JPG, Raven in Israel.JPG, Rebekah MW.jpg, Reconstructed Ruins.JPG, Reflection Mountains.JPG, Rich man and Lazarus.jpg, River Canyon.jpg, River Valley.jpg, River in Spring.jpg, Roman Armor Carving.JPG, Roman Footwear.jpg, Roman Library of Celsus.JPG, Roman Military Statue.JPG, Roman Mosaic.JPG, Roman Ruins 1.JPG, Roman Ruins 2.JPG, Roman Soldier.jpg, Roman Statue.jpg, Roman Theater 1.jpg, Roman Theater 2.JPG, Roman Theater 3.JPG, Roman Theater 4.JPG, Roman Toilets.JPG, Roman Villa Mosaic 1.JPG, Roman Villa Mosaic 2.JPG, Rose 1.jpg, Rose 2.jpg, Ruins at Delphi.jpg, Ruth Gleaning At Bethleham.jpg, Sailboat mooring.jpg, Sailing Boat at Sunset.JPG, Samaritan Woman MW.jpg, Samson's End - MMiP.jpg, Sand Dune.jpg, Scales Balanced.png, Scales Tilted.png, See you at the Pole.jpg, Sheep MW.jpg, Sheep drinking MW.jpg, Shield of Faith.jpg, Shoshone Falls.JPG, Single Candle.JPG, Sleeping Cat.JPG, Small Waterfall.JPG, Snake River-Tetons.jpg, Snakes in the Grass.JPG, Snow Covered Forest.jpg, Snow Covered Road.jpg, Snow on a Cactus.jpg, Snowy Hill.jpg, Stained Glass in Church of St John.JPG, Stained Glass.jpg, Stained glass.jpeg, Stairs B&W.JPG, Stanley Lake Cr.jpg, Steel Cable.JPG, Stone Path 2.JPG, Stone Path.JPG, Studying.jpeg, Sunflower.jpg, Sunset 2.JPG, Sunset 2.jpg, Sunset Lighthouse 1.jpg, Sunset Lighthouse 2.JPG, Sunset at Jump Creek.jpg, Sunset on the Aegean.JPG, Switchbacked Road.JPG, Sword of the Spirit.jpg, Temple Model.JPG, Thistle MM.jpg, Three Crosses (MMUT).jpg, Tree of Knowledge (MMUT).jpg, Tree of Life (MMUT).jpg, Tuilip fence.jpg, Tulip 1.jpg, Tulip 2.jpg, Tulip field.jpg, Tulip sunrise.jpg, Vegetable vendor.jpg, Venetian mask.jpg, Vineyard scale.jpg, Wailing Wall.JPG, Waterfall at Goat lake.JPG, Wave Crashing.JPG, Weathered Hills.jpg, Wees Bar 2.jpg, Wees Bar 3.jpg, Wees Bar 4.jpg, Willamatte fall.jpg, Winter Forest.JPG, Winter Lake.JPG, Winter scene.jpg, Yellow Rose 2.JPG, Yellow Rose.jpg, You are My Friends.jpg, Young Woman Headshot.jpg, Zaccheaus in a Tree (MMUT).jpg, Zipporah MW.jpg