I AM... with you

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I AM... with you
Text: John 14:8-27
Occasion: General
Audience: General
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Trinity, Immanence
Author: None Given


God is with us, supporting us

How to Get There

  • God's name in the OT is “I AM,” “I am with you,” “I am here.”
  • Immanuel, “God with us” is what Jesus was called.
  • In this world we are not alone. When we are confused and worried, when we don't know what to believe about God and life seems so complicated, and we feel so alone, we are told something simple.
  • Believe, that Jesus and the father are together, are in each other. If we cannot believe that, believe based on what we have seen God do in our lives and others'.
  • When we have nothing else to hang on and cling to, we have a safe place to start. Believe that Jesus is in the father and the father in him, and with that start we can do what Jesus did.
  • And then the truth of both God's name and Jesus' name can begin to be fully known in us. God is with us, living in us, as we do his work (vs 10).
  • Because the Great "I AM" is with us.

Things to Watch For

  • Be careful that you don't assume that every place Jesus says "I am" something or other, he is referring to himself as God. Usually, he's just saying a normal phrase.
  • God is seen as the ultimate being, but removed. Jesus is immanence, God brought to us. They are one. That is a key to this passage. The mighty is with us.

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