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Welcome to Help for Shepherds. If you're on this page then probably you're wondering how to use this site and possibly even post some of your own ideas. Navigating around is pretty simple. There are links to all of the main sections from the Main Page, from the buttons on top of the page, or from the toolbox at the very bottom.

What you can Do

Anything you want. Really. You can just view the site and use what others have posted, or you can add something yourself. You can add on bullet point to the commentary, entire books, or all your message ideas. It's entirely up to you. We welcome whatever you want to do and hope you find what others have come up with helpful.

Posting Something New Yourself

If you want to post a message idea you have, for instance, just go to Message Ideas. Just above the main list of message ideas you'll see a white box with a button on the right. Just type in the title of your message idea and click the button. If you are taken to a page with a lot of text on it, please click the back arrow of your browser and choose another name for your idea.

Once you have found a unique page name, you may fill out a simple form to create your message idea. Please remember that the idea here is to provide an idea, not an entire outline or message. This is about how to go from the text to the key statement. Once submitted, your idea will automatically be placed in all the right lists and organized. That is why it is important to follow the form and fill it out. The same basic format is used for creating Experiential Learning ideas and new pages of Bible Commentary.

Please notice that after you save a new page for the first time you will not be able to edit it with the form, but with standard wiki text. This isn't as hard as it seems, but you might want to check out the FAQ for some standard formatting terms. Also, no new page will appear in the lists for about 24 hours.

What You can Edit

You do not need an account to create new pages, but it does make editing much easier. The edit buttons on the side of each page when you are not logged in do not work yet, so it requires using the toolbox at the bottom of the screen when you are logged in. That being said, this is a wiki, which means you can edit anything. For commentaries, resources, and even most essays, we encourage you to edit all the pages as your own. If you are unsure if what you want to edit is a good idea, post it in that pages "talk" page for discussion.

However, we ask that you respect people's Message Ideas and Opinion Essays and let their ideas be theirs alone, even if you do not agree. You can always post another idea with a different direction if you feel they have neglected something.

Who Can Post

There are no firm categories on who we invite to post. This site is aimed at pastors, but Christian leaders of all stripes are welcome. And don't worry if you don't feel your ideas aren't good enough, we all have those doubts. You don't need a huge church to be led by God and be blessed with ideas and insights. So if you believe in our Lord and Savior, and you have something to say, we want to hear it.