How to Fall Down

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How to Fall Down
Text: Genesis 3:1-8
Occasion: General
Audience: General
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Sin, Trust, Doubt
Author: Jeff Mammen


Satan plants seeds of mistrust to take us from God, the cross invites us to trust again.

How to Get There

  • Everything was good, everything was perfect. The world wasn't fallen yet, we can barely even think about what that really means and would have looked like.
  • Adam and Eve are united, completely together with nothing keeping them apart. There was no fear, no shame.
  • This was written to the people of Israel as they were approaching their promised land. He is trying to say “don't mess up again” by showing how even perfection was lost once before.
  • When this story opens, the serpent was already around, Satan was already at work, but the couple was not yet deceived.
  • Satan had a great four part strategy.
    • First, he isolates us from our team. Eve was separated from Adam and didn't have his strength to help her stay on track. We need people around us.
    • Second, he casts doubts on God's word. Satan misinterpreted and misquoted God, making Eve doubt what she knew about God. That took her away from her greatest protection, God.
    • Third, Satan casts doubt on God's character. He planted seeds that made Eve wonder if God's motives are really good for us. We must keep God's true character at the front of our minds and lives. God is good.
    • Fourth, Satan tempts our pride with empty promises. He went from slight misquotes to blatant lies because the doubts had been started and he touched on her pride in compensation.
  • It worked. Eve started getting confused and misquoted God, causing more problems and doubt until she accepted what the Satan said.
  • Alone, Eve fell. Satan used her weakness to get Eve to follow him. He does the same with us.
  • But in the end, Satan had only told twisted truths and lies. And Adam and Eve felt shame from their mistrust of God.
  • The cross, however, invites us to trust again. Trust leads us to experience again God's profound love. That's how the fall can be reversed.

Things to Watch For

This story ahs been the basis for a great deal of repression and discrimination of women. But the NT makes it clear that all us have sinned. This is not a sexist issue, but a universal one.

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