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Author: Brian M
Type: Comedic Skit
Audience: Adults
Occasion: Offering
Topic: Tithes, Giving
Bible Text: Luke 11:52

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Brief Summary

An offering box is passed and almost everything gets put inside, including a person. One character learns that tithing is the beginning of giving to God, not the end.


Six people, one of them a child. It doesn't matter if they are men or women. Two ushers to push the bin.

Props Needed

A large bin strong and big enough to hold two people. A laptop or computer monitor, some golf clubs, an envelope, and a briefcase.


(This skit can be done with almost any passage on giving oneself or dedicating yourself to God)

The six characters sit on stage as the ushers come to take the tithes and offerings. Everything happens as it normally would for offering. Normal music, specials, whatever play like normal in the background. When the offering is wrapping up and the special is over:

Character 1: (Leans over to C2) Did they forget about us up here? Offering is nearly over and we haven't had a plate yet.

C2: You're new here aren't you. Don't worry, they haven't forgotten yet.

The ushers approach with a huge box, or trash can, large enough to hold someone. They don't seem to think this is at all out of the ordinary.

C1: What is that?

C2: I didn't think you were that new. This is something we do every week. We give our gifts to God.

C1: Yeah, our offerings, I know that. We give what is important to us over to God's control, and this our offerings are how we show that, it's part of our growth in holiness. I have my check right here (holds up envelope), but that thing is huge. It's like a giant hole, not a plate.

C2: Oh, you brought money, that's a good start. Yeah it is kind of large, but it has to fit everything.

(Ushers arrive)

C1: Start? (confused look, but drops the envelope into the can) And what does it have to fit that's so huge?

C2: Well it changes every week. This week I'm giving my job (pulls out a briefcase from under his seat and drops it in the pail.)

C3: Hey, you finally gave God your job, that's great. You've been trying to do that for weeks.

C2: Thanks. How is your giving this week?

C3: I'm finally ready to give God my computer and everything I do online. It's been a struggle, but I'm ready. (Picks up a laptop or monitor and places it in the bin. Looks at it longingly, almost reaches for it back)

(Everyone congratulates him and gives him a pat on the back. C1 looks so confused, shaking his head, etc)

C4: That's awesome! I'll be here for you to make sure you leave it there too. As for myself, I realized just this last week that I've been holding onto something myself (picks up the child next to him and puts him in the bin). I love you son.

C1: (shocked) You just tithed your son?!

(No one seems to notice him as the next man starts to speak)

C5: Wow, you've really inspired me. I was going to put in my hobbies and my new driver, but I think I'm ready now. Can I have some help guys?

C4: You're going for it? Outstanding! Of course we'll help.

(CC, 3 and 4 stand up, grab C5 and pick him up, place him in the bin)

(Ushers push the bin off stage)

C1: You just tithed your friend? That counts? I want my check back and I'll tithe my mother-in-law this week.

C2: (shaking his head) You don't understand. Tithing our money is the beginning, it's not the end of what we give. This is about giving what is important to us to God. God normally loans them back to us, but they'll always be God's.

C3: Yeah, we were helping our friend give himself to God, all of himself in the hole, dedicated to God. As you said, that' the goal, right? Hole-ee-ness.

Message Ideas that Use this Topic

A Lifestyle of GenerosityWe are to live generously, giving to God's plan so that we and others can know God's love.Mark 1241-44Message Idea
Giving Jesus our TreasureChristmas is a time of giving our treasure to others in the name of Jesus.Matthew 21-10Message Idea
What shall I Do?What we have is really God's and is to be used wisely to further God's work.Luke 161-13Message Idea