Healing Inside First

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Healing Inside First
Text: Luke 5:17-30
Occasion: General
Audience: Adults, Youth
Theological Tradition: Wesleyan
Topic: Healing, forgiveness
Author: Brian M


Get forgiven and healed inside first, the outside stuff can come later

How to Get There

  • These people gathered were knowledgeable, the teachers, leaders, people who knew about God and studied it the most. Those who sought holiness.
  • They saw all the people getting healed and yet they sat there. They didn’t ask questions, they didn’t ask to be healed themselves. They sit.
  • Why should they be healed after all, they’re the teachers, the holy ones.
  • And then some people rip off the roof and drop this mess into their midst.
    • This was before good medical care.
      • Probably had bed sores and infections
      • Most people paralyzed didn’t live long after their accident then.
    • He couldn’t work, no disability insurance.
  • This man had nothing going for him physically. But the first thing Jesus did? Forgave him, not healed him.
  • The most important need Jesus saw in this man was not a physical healing, even though he couldn’t care for himself, walk, or probably even live for long.
  • Jesus saw the man’s needs as spiritual and internal healing. Those were the most important to Jesus. The text says that Jesus healed the man to show that he had been forgiven, as an evidence.
  • The Pharisees thought the outside was what mattered, they needed it to be the most important thing, wanted it to be what mattered. That was where their energy had been put into, looking good. They made sure that what everyone else saw was perfect. But inside, they were a mess.
  • We fall into the same trap. We go to church, say we’re doing great, avoid going to altar calls and responding to messages because everyone thinks we’re doing great.
    • We clean up our mouths, our faces, behave ourselves, but inside we’re really a mess.
    • Inside, we’re still the same. And sometimes just like then, it’s even church people who want us to change the outside more than the inside.
  • We can get confused and think our goal is to come to Jesus already worthy, to sit and listen like the leaders did. But that doesn’t matter. The best acting people in the world were in the room with Jesus, but the one closest to God at the end was a broken dying man on a stretcher.
  • Sometimes it feels like we can never get to Jesus, but that’s where the Church comes in. We are here to get you to Jesus, like those friends who dug through a roof to get their friend to Jesus. We’re all going to get healing ourselves and we could sure use the company. Just ask if you need to be carried.
  • Jesus doesn’t see our reputation, looks, how we say we’re doing, or just the face we show the world. Jesus sees inside. That’s the most important, that’s where our brokenness needs healing and forgiveness first. A broken exterior didn’t make Jesus lose focus on the inside, and a perfect one won’t either.
  • Stop sitting. Stop focusing on the outside and what people see. Get changed and forgiven inside. Then you can worry about the inside, and the change outside can come as an evidence of what happened inside.

Things to Watch For

This message is not designed to be about literal physical healing, even though the story itself is about that. It's about outward versus inward changes, and the inward being the most important.

One of the hardest things about this mesage is getting people over the image of the Pharisees and leaders as horribly corrupt and sinful people. They were the chief promoters of holiness in that day. They did everything right, they were perfect to those who saw them. But Jesus saw that inside, they were missing the point.

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