Gold Panning for Truth

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Gold Panning for Truth
Text: 2 Timothy 3:16
Occasion: General
Audience: Adults, Youth
Theological Tradition: Conservative
Topic: Truth, History
Author: D. Mackey


The Bible is good history and therefore so is its theology.

How to Get There

We often hear rumors of hidden or lost treasure. How do we tell if the rumor has a basis of fact? Hold up the rumors to these criteria:

  1. Are there any historically relevant dates, names and locations?
  2. Is the story previously known or are there any other existing accounts.
  3. Has anyone else attempted to follow the same trail? And did they discover anything useful?
  4. Is there some element that would identify the rumor as a hoax? Is there some overly fantastic detail?

(These come from the Gold Panners Association of America magazine called “Gold Prospectors”, issue dated summer 2008.

How does the Bible hold up to these secular criteria? Extremely well,

  1. The Bible is full of accurate history, Abraham, Joseph, David, Soloman, Jesus, Paul. Lost cities have been found because of Luke's description of his and Paul's travels.
  2. Luke 1:1-4 Luke states other biographies of Christ have already been written.
  3. The Bible has lead many people to Christ, be it through the writing or someone's teaching or living it's teaching.
  4. There is very little, if any, overly fantastic details in scripture. Read the Gnostic 'scriptures' for comparison.

Things to Watch For

Josh McDowel's book Evidence that Demands a Verdict (among others explores this concept from a Christian perspective.

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