God in the World Around the Bible

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God in the World Around the Bible
Author(s) Brian Mackey
Audience Adult
Setting Sunday School, Bible Study
Occasion General
Length of Series 8

A Brief Description of the Curriculum

A look at how we can see God at work, not just in the Bible but in the entire world paving the way.

Series Information/Overview

This series is a look at the history of the Near East, and then looks at how when we match up that history with what the Bible records we can see God paving the way for everything that happens, sometimes obviously shaping and moving entire empires for the sake of his people.

Too often we think that everything God doees people see and understand. This series looks at how much of what God was doing people simply did not see at the time, and was often occuring hundreds of miles away and yet would directly impact the people of the Bible in ways that can only be God.

Accompanying this series is an animated map of the Near East for the years 2000 BCE to 100 CE. It is designed to help people get to know the nations and places of the Bible, and to see how the nations ebbed and flowed. Playing it at least once each lesson can help people to better understand what was going on in the world during the time period of that particular lesson. {{#ev:youtube|pNxPA0PKFNI}}

General purpose files needed for the Curriculum

Lesson 1: Abraham and the Fear of the First Step

Lesson 2: Joseph and a People Reborn

Lesson 3: Exodus and the Cost of Our Decisions

Lesson 4: Conquest and Second Chances

  • Bible Passage Used: Joshua 13:1-7
  • Topic(s): Second Chances, Consequences
  • There is quite a lot of different opinions about this section of history even within the Bible. Some passages combine the conquest quickly, some change the timing, but Judges clearly shows that while the Israelites had conquered a lot, the area was still not completely theirs.
  • Files for this Lesson

Lesson 5: God Orchestrating Empires

Lesson 6: Like God Never Happened

Lesson 7: Using the Least of Us

Lesson 8: Preparing for the Gospel