God Trusted Us

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God Trusted Us
Text: Luke 2:39-40
Occasion: Christmas
Audience: General
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Trust, Incarnation
Author: None Given


God shows he trusts people with Jesus' birth

How to Get There

  • Jesus was God's son, and yet raised by humans.
  • As humans, we have a hard time letting anyone else care for our children, and we are fallen people.
  • God knew exactly what should be done to raise Jesus, and he knew how fallen people were.
  • God knew the skinned knees and crying and disappointments and mistakes that would happen with Jesus being raised by people, normal people.
  • But God didn't stop it from happening.
  • God trusted people with his son, trusted us to raise his only child.
  • What sort of trust would it take for you to let someone else raise your son or daughter?
  • No miracles to save Jesus from a bruise, no angels to help him get to school on time.
  • That is trust. And God still trusts us, still has faith in what we can do.
  • We fail a lot, but one of the many miracles of Christmas is that God still has faith, still trusts, in us.

Things to Watch For

There is nothing in the Bible about Jesus never crying, speaking from birth, or performing miracles in childhood. All of that is myth and apocryphal books that were rejected from the Bible. As far as we know, Jesus' childhood was completely normal. But those myths are still very much present in society and so need to be confronted.

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This Message is part 6 of Luke: Advent to Easter message series.